Abu Saeda Demands that the Prime Minister Orders the Immediate Release of the Detainees and the Disappeared and Demanded that the Punitive Institution in Egypt be Reformed.

February 16th, 2011 by Editor

Dr. Ahmed Shafiq, the Egyptian prime minister, has met with a delegation from the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) which included Dr. Mustapha al-Fiqqi, the former head of the foreign relations committee of the Shura Council-, Dr. Hussam Badrawi, the resigned Secretary General of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Dr. Munir Fakhry Abd an-Nour, the general secretary of the Wafd Party, Ms. Muna Zu al-Faqqar, a lawyer at the cassation court and Mr. Hafez Abu Saeda, the president of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) and a member in NCHR. The meeting has revolved around the detainees and the prisoners who have escaped prisons. 

Abu Saeda has revealed that the number of the detainees who remain in detention until now is about 11 detainees throughout the events of the revolution of the 25th of January. The number of the disappeared has reached 43 demanding they will be immediately released, and the locations of the disappeared be disclosed in compliance with their right to freedom and personal security protected under the constitution and the relevant international human rights conventions.

The president of EOHR has demanded that the escaped prisoners be returned on the condition of not being legally accountable and not being additionally punished for their escape according to article 455 of the law of penal measurements which states that: “criminal proceedings may not be returned to after they have been terminally ruled on based on the emergence of new evidence, new circumstances or the change of the legal description of the crime”. This means that a person may not be tried for an act twice because the issuance for a terminal ruling against them mean that their criminal proceedings regarding their cases are terminated along with the relevant facts of these cases whether that terminal ruling has been with acquittal or conviction.    

Abu Saeda has emphasized the necessity of reforming the penal institution in order to comply with the minimum standards of treating prisoners and the necessity of adopting the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules of non-Custodial Measures (The Tokyo Rules) which include a group of the basic principles of enhancing the use of non-custodial rules to guarantee the minimum standards for those subject to the alternatives of prisons.

On his part, Mr. Prime Minister has promised that the detainees will be immediately released and the issue of dealing with the escaped prisoners will be studied.


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