After the Revolution of the 25th of January… Torture Remains a Crime without Punishment

February 27th, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Demands that the General Prosecutor Immediately Investigates the Torture Incident of “Mahmoud Ragab Ibarahim” at al-Hadara Prison  

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses its deep concern regarding the news it has receives on the torture of Mahmoud Ragab Ibarahim by members of security forces during his illegal detention at al-Hadara prison in Alexandria thus demanding that the general prosecutor to start an immediate investigation on the incident and to quickly refer those responsible for it to trial.

the information received by EOHR on Sunday, 27/2/2011, from the family of Ibrahim states that as he was passing through the area of Sidi Gaber on 1/2/2011, he has been stopped by what’s called community watches which have handed him over to the leadership of the northern area of the armed forces even though he had his national ID card which he submitted to police members. They have then led him to al-Hadara prison which follows the prisons institution where he has been detained there with no legal grounds.

Ibrahim’s family added in their complains according to the information they could collect that Ibrahim has been forced to wear the prison’s uniform and that he was beaten and tortured by the prison guards. This led to inflicting the following injuries on him:

  • – Deep wounds at the thighs area.
  • – Cut wounds in the areas of the back, the feet and the arms.
  • – Intense swelling in feet and arms.
  • – Swelling in the left eye.

The family has added that they have been shocked with a phone call on 10/2/2011 which informed them that their son is thrown on the ground next to al-Mughawreen Mosque in al-Gumrok Area. When the family went to this location, they found their son in a state of severe fatigue and after he was restored to consciousness, he told them about the details of his detention as described above.

Ibrahim’s family has reported the incident to the general prosecution office of East of Alexandria where it has accused the administration of al-Hadara prison of detaining their son and torturing him without legal grounds. The report has been registered under number 385 for the year 2010 under the petitions of the general prosecution office of East Alexandria.

On his part, Mr. Hafez Abu Saeda, the Chairman of EOHR, stressed that there are strong doubts that Ibrahim has been tortured and demanded that an immediate investigation on the incident starts and that the perpetrators are tried quickly. At the same time, he emphasized the necessity of complying with the standards of human rights and the rights to fair trial. He added that after the revolution of the 25th of January, the police apparatus has to abandon its former policies which were based on torture in police stations and centers. They have to respect human rights and apply the law at the same time for better compliance with the slogan of: “The police is in the service of the people” for a better future for the country and its citizens after this great revolution.

The Chairman of EOHR has emphasized the importance of amending the definition of the crime of torture in the Egyptian law to make it compatible with the United Nations Convention against Torture to face the phenomenon of escape from punishment. He also demanded that the punishment for the perpetrators of the crime of torture is made tougher without the possibility of compassion and extenuating circumstances for the punishment. He also demanded that the two declarations referred to in articles 21 and 22 of the UN Convention against Torture be ratified and that the Special Rapporteur on Torture be allowed to visit Egypt. In addition to that, he also made a demand for the state of emergency which has been imposed since 1981 to be terminated in order for the constitutional legitimacy to be restored.

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