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March 1st, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Demands an Immediate Investigation of 18 Detainees’ Hunger Strike and Demand their Speedy Release Palestinian 

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses its deep concern regarding the information it has received on 18 Palestinian detainees in Al Aqrab prison going on an open strike for four days now to protest not being released in spite of the minister of interior issue a decision to release them.

EOHR has received information from the families of the detainees on Monday, 28/2/2011 on the strike of political detainees in the prison of Al Aqrab (one of the prisons of Tura) whose names are the following:

•1-      Amr Hassan Seif El Din

•2-      Muhammad Eid Eid Al Mo’ty

•3-      Mahmoud Salah Khalil Al Barzeiny

•4-      Wlaa Abd Al Hameed Muhammad Abu Muheissan

•5-      Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Abu Rizq

•6-      Ahmed Abdullah Nasr-Allah

•7-      Ihab Abdullah Nasr-Allah

•8-      Muhammad Mattar Ismael

•9-      Karam Abd El-azeez Gomaa

•10-  Agaweed Ismael Abd Al Latif

•11-  Ra`ed Saleh Hassan

•12-  Ahmed Amr Mustafa

•13-  Nabil Mansour Al Bishishi

•14-  Ahmed Youssef Fayed

•15-  Atteya Muhammad Salama

•16-  Basel Wagih Tawfiq

•17-  Alaa Muhammad Atwa

•18-  Ghayath Foad Muhammad Al Malahy

The complain of the families of the detainees stated that the above mentioned have been detained for durations which range from 5 months to two years. A decision in their regard has been issued by the minister of interior, Mahmoud Wagdy, to release them. However, in spite of this they were shocked that the decision was not implemented and they continued being detained which led them to go on open hunger strike for 4 days.

On his side, Mr. Hafez Abu Saeda, the chairman of EOHR, has stressed that they above mentioned have to be released in fear for their lives and as a way of fulfilling the promises of the caretaker government one which was the promise to release all political detainees. He also emphasized the importance of investigating the continued detention of the above mentioned and declaring the reasons behind not releasing them. He confirmed the necessity of releasing all political detainees who have been arrested repeatedly in contradiction to the rulings of their release or of clearing their names from the crimes associated with them thus respecting the law, the constitution and the sanctity of the rulings of the judiciary.

Abu Saeda has confirmed the necessity of forming an independent national committee that would lead the investigation in the reasons behind the deterioration of the state of prisons in Egypt and in the flagrant violations which occurred inside these prisons during the popular revolution. The results of such investigation should be declared along with the means followed to carry out this investigation. The concerned authorities should be able to find the information and the data they need and to reach all the people they would like to listen to.


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