The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights calls the Egyptian Armed Forces to release the Palestinian journalist Shadi Zamara

March 9th, 2011 by Editor

EOHR calls the Egyptian Armed Forces to release Shadi Zamara, a journalist for Al Qods Palestinian Newspaper, from Tura high-guarded prison.

EOHR received a complaint provided that the State Security Police arrested the journalist on December 25, 2010, following the creation of his own blog “Arableaks” on the internet, imitating the Wikileaks. The 26-years old journalist was not questioned by any of the juridical authorities. The Palestinian detainee is a student in the Journalism Department, Faculty of Media, 6th of October University and as a result of the detention; he could not attend the first semester’s examinations and might miss the examinations of the second semester too.

When Shadi applied for release, the State Security Police issued a release and deportation decision for him, ignoring his educational future. So, Hafez Abu Seada, the head of EOHR, calls the Egyptian Armed forces to immediately release the detained student and allow him to go on his studies in Egypt, respecting the rule of law principal. People cannot be punished unless they violate laws. Egypt has signed many covenants that stressed on the free right of education and relocation. Abu Seada also added that the release of the Palestinian blogger comes in the framework of the Egyptian Armed Forces decision to set all the political detainees free.  


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