Statement Number 1

March 19th, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring Elections

The Results of the Efforts of Monitoring the Referendum on Constitutional Amendments

Today, Saturday 19/3/2011, the national referendum on constitutional amendments is taking place. The number of polling stations is 54 thousand stations serving 40 million voters under the supervision of 17 thousand judges. The voting process will go on starting 8 A.M. until the prescribed date of closing the boxes at 7 P.M.

Adults of 18 years of old starting the beginning of this March or older who hold national ID cards are eligible to vote at any polling station.

The Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring Elections (ECME), the headquarters of which is at the headquarters of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) in its capacity as the general coordination of ECME, is monitoring the referendum. It has observed a set of violations represented in the fact that the majority of forms are not stamped, a delay in opening some of the referendum polling stations and the lack of curtains and seals over the ballot boxes in the majority of polling stations. Also another violation was that members of the Muslim Brotherhood are inciting voters to vote yes to the amendments in some polling station. Also the phosphoric ink hasn’t been used in some stations and it was easy to remove in some other stations. Also some stations do not have judges.

The most obvious violations could be listed as below:

Forms without stamps:

The observers of the ECME reported that there are no stamps on forms in some stations including the polling stations of Gamal Abdel Nasser School at Meet Ouqba, Abdel Moneim Riyad School in Al Dokki, Gamal Abdel Nasser Girls School, Schools Complex of Sidi Bishr in Alexandria, Al Awqaf School in Al Mohandsein, Kafr Nassar in Al Haram, Othman bin Affan Mixed School in Al Haram, Al Shaheed School in Al Dokki, Al Awqaf Secondary School in Al Mohandseen, Al Saeidiya School in Giza, Masr Al Gededa Preparatory Boys School,  Al Namozagiya School in Nasr City, Ahmed Zewail School in Giza, Al Qawmeya School in El Agouza, Al Qawmeiya School in Zamalek and Abu Bakr Al Sedeeq in Dokki.

Influencing the voters to vote yes:

The EMCE observers reported that some people were inciting voters to vote yes to the constitutional amendments in some polling stations including the polling stations of Suzan Mubarak School, Al Shaimaa Preparatory Girls School in Al Mokattam, Abu Bakr Al Sedeeq School in Imbara, Al Qawmiya School in El Agouza, and Al Moutran School in Monofiya. The observers reported that groups from the Muslim Brotherhood were calling on the voters to vote “yes; yes with Allah”.

Delay in opening the polling stations:

The EMCE observers reported that a delay occurred in opening the polling stations of Qariyet Abdel Samad Primary School in Manshyit Al Kanatter of 6th of October Governorate which has not been open until 11 a.m., Abdullah Al Nadeem School of Nasr City which has not been open until 10 a.m., and the Abu Bakr Al Sedeeq School in Imbaba in addition to Al Qawmiya School in El Agouza which has not been open until 11 a.m.

The lack of phosphoric ink and its easy removal:

The observers of EMCE have reported the lack of phosphoric ink in some polling stations like those of Al Moulmeen School in Dokki, Salah Al Din School in Masr Al Gededa and Al Sayida Nafeesa School in Nasr City. Moreover, the ink was easy to remove by voters in some other stations like those of Dura Modern School in Ashmoon, the Technical Secondary School in Nasr City and the Preparatory School of Abu Al Matameer.

The absence of judges in polling stations:

The reporters of EMCE have reported the absence of members of judicial bodies from the polling station of Abd Al Hameed Secondary School in Mahalet Ziyad Village of Assuit in al Gharbiya Governorate, the polling station of Al Hag Sallam Preparatory School in Nag Hammadi in Qenna Governorate, Shamal Al Tahrir School in Abu Al Matameer, Masr October in Al Hantara Village in Naqada district of Qenna Governorate which led to the crowding of voters in the kocation of the polling station.

The seals of the ballot boxes:

EMCE observers have reported the lack of seals on the ballot boxes in some polling stations like the polling stations of Suzan Mubarak School in Al Maasra, Abdullah Al Nadeem School, Al Sheikh Zayid School in 6th of October Governorate, Al Galeel School in Al Zaytoon District, the Minister of Agriculture, Al Maadi Al Tagrebiya School.

Polling stations without curtains:

The EMCE observers have reported that some polling station lacked curtains including the polling stations of Al Tahrir School in Al Matariya, Al Giza Secondary Girls School and Somouha School in Alexandria.


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