The criminal court of Alexandria at 16-4-2011 postponed the case of the security chief of Alexandria and the officers charged with killing and injuring the protestors on “Rage Day” to the session of the 20th of June , with the continuation of keeping them in custody.

April 19th, 2011 by Editor

The lawyers of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights’ (EOHR) legal network for supporting of torture victims in Alexandria followed the proceeding of the trial which was presided by judge Ismail Suleiman the president of the court  and the membership of counselors Gad Helmy and Sheriff Ahmed Fouad with Khames Qamr as the clerk. The defendants of the trial are major-general Mohamed Ibrahim the former security director of Alexandria and major general Al Laqqany  the director of the department of central security. They have been charged with aiding and abetting the murder and attempted murder of demonstrators during the events of the Friday of Rage. Also, the defendants included Wael Alkomy the head detecties of Al Raml investigatory office, Mohamed Sultan, the deputy of Montaza investigatory office and Motaz Al Asqlany, the associate investigator of customs. They have been charged with murdering protestors. The delay was accompanied by the continued detention of the defendants and an order was issued to arrest Mustapha Al Damy, the associate in Muharam Bek investigatory office.

The lawyer explained that the hearing session began at 10 and it was on the list of the 12th circuit of the criminal court of Alexandria. All the accused were present including the security leaders and the officers in the cage which was heavily guarded.  The defense of the victims and the civil prosecutor expressed their indignation of the legal status of the three officers who were dressed in civilian cloth. The president of the court ordered the arrest of the accused. The civil prosecutor demanded a compensation of L.E 10.000.

The lawyers of EOHR also added that the civil prosecutor applied for the court to equip the hall with display screens with audio to clarify what happened in the crimes which occurred during the demonstrations of the Friday of Rage and to also put up display screens in other halls to enable the families of the victims to follow the trials. The lawyers pointed out that the defense of the victims has applied for these trials to be exempt from the media ban and to enable the media to shoot the sessions of the trials. The court confirmed that this decision is up to the Supreme Judicial Council.

On his side, Mr. Hafez Abu Saeda, the Chariman of EOHr, emphasized the importance of a speedy trial to punish the murderers of the martyrs of the revolution of the 25th of January and all those involved in the cases of assaulting protestors and of shooting live bullets on them. He pointed out the importance of a quick investigation of all those involved in cases of torture against citizens. He thus confirmed that this is considered the only step that would guarantee the satisfaction of citizens.

Abu Saeda expressed his trust in the members of the Egyptian prosecution and judiciary in fulfilling their duty towards the trial of the corrupt and the murderers of the protestors. This has to be done quickly in order to ensure the integrity and transparency of the trial.

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