Abu Seada meets with youth Libyan revolutionaries and calls on Gaddafi to immediately surrender power

April 21st, 2011 by Editor

Abu Seada received, on 21 April 2011, at EOHR headquarter a delegation of youth Libyan rebels. The meeting tackled the Libyan revolution and the means of supporting it, and the means for mutual cooperation in order to monitor the Libyan human rights violations.

From his side Abu Seada, the chairman of EOHR, express his grave concern towards the deteriorating  humanitarian status in Libya especially in  Tripoli, Misurata and the surrounding areas, which constitute a violation of international covenants related to human rights and humanitarian  law

He also condemned the Libyan regime crimes against its people, describing it as anti-humanitarian and war crimes, urging the bloody Libyan regime to immediately step down as it lost it legitimacy. Declaring his supporting to the Libyan revolution and its legitimate demands  of liberty and self determination. Abu Seada calls on the Egyptian government to intervene to save the lives of Egyptian citizen in Libya.

The participants of the Libyan revolutionaries and the representatives of Alarya Organization for Human Rights illustrated some of Gaddafi’s violations and to name but a few:

Seizing Libyan youth and using them as human shield                                                                

Destruction of civic infrastructure such as factory naseem Dairy in Misurata, and iron and steel plant Misurata, and refinery field Obelisk petroleum, and  Ras Atov residential staff fields of petroleum, and the city of Ajdabiya ,oil manufacturing  factory, and the destruction of the University of Bright Star of petroleum Sciences  and transferring it to a military barracks, and also the destruction of Clinics  in Misurata .

Evacuation of drug stores in Misurata since the outbreak of the events, and the destruction of drinking water sources in Misurata also 

Cutting of the medical services from the wounded rebels in some districts

Regarding the Egyptian community in Libya the participants stated a lot of violation they are exposed to and to name but a few: 

Detention of around 3000  Egypt  in the city of Misurata, including women and children to use as human shields and cut off all supplies to them

Bombing Alnarkada café which considered one of the biggest Egyptian gathering at Misurata which result of murdering 30 Egyptian, they were buried by the rebels without knowing their identity as a result of deformation of their corpse.

Inspection Egyptians displaced from Tripoli and Misurata through the gate of Sirte  , and confiscate  their money and their mobile phones and personal belongings for fear of the transfer of any images or videos on the situation in Libya .

The participants recommends the following:

Firstly: with regard to the Egyptian government and the supreme military council 

The recognition of the national transitional council as the only representative of the Libyan people

To re-broadcast free Libya channel

Exclusion of the inactive cells of the revolutionary committees attributed to Gaddafi and still supporting him

The immediate rescue of the Egyptian stranded in Tripoli

Providing health care for injured Libyan inside Egyptian hospitals 

Secondly :regarding international community 

 Conviction of recruiting mercenaries, urging the brotherly African countries to prevent their citizens from conscription, as in this case will be subjected to legal prosecution. 

A quick international intervention to provide urgent and immediate protection to the Libyans and Egyptians displaced from Libya to Tunisia, and also the Libyans and Tunisians displaced to Egypt

Protecting Misurata’s citizen  from internationally banned cluster bombs

Providing field hospitals to be near the frontline of battles to handle urgent cases

It is worth mentioning that a joint report will be issued in mid-may by EOHR and Alrya Organization for Human Rights and the youth of Libyan revolution, a press conference will be held regarding this issue.

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