Giza criminal court adjourns the trial of policemen charged with the murder and attempted murder of demonstrators

May 3rd, 2011 by Editor

The south criminal court of Cairo adjourned the trial of 13 officers and police personnel for allegedly killing and wounding protestors during the revolution of the 25th of January to the 5th of May. The judge issued a conditional release order for the defendants in response to the defense petitions and to complete the civil attorney procedures.

The lawyers of the Fieldwork Unit of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) have monitored and followed the proceedings of the trial at the fifth circuit of the south criminal court of Cairo number 3410 for the year 2011. The defendants left the court before the court verdict was pronounced.

There were a lot of difficulties related to the entrance of the civil right attorneys and the victims’ lawyers to the courtroom which resulted in clashes between the some lawyers and the court guards. Also, some of the victims’ families cursed and tried to assault the defendants when the court announced the adjournment of the trial to the 5the of May and the conditional release of the defendants.

On his part, Mr. Hafez Abu Saeda, the Chairman of EOHR, asserted that the right of a defendant to a fair trail necessitates non aggression on the defendant and enables the judges to do their job in order to fulfill the important value of the rule of law. He also called for providing a bigger courtroom for this trial because of its importance for public opinion and because of the huge number of representative in this case. This is because in addition to the defendants’ lawyers, there are martyrs families’ lawyers whom estimated to be a minimum of 500 as well as lawyers representing the injured. All of those people have a strong interest in this case and they should be allowed to attend its sessions. Moreover, there are businessmen and journalist who want to follow the proceedings of the trials. That highlights the importance of providing a bigger room to accommodate all of the above mentioned parties in order to ensure the orderly flow of the proceedings of the trial and to prevent the disturbance  of such a flow.       

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