The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights calls the Prosecutor General for opening immediate investigation on Imbaba unrest and taking the perpetrators to trial based on the rule of law principal

May 8th, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses its worry concerning the unrest witnessed by Imbaba area yesterday, May 7, 2011, including the attack and burning of Mary Mina Church in Luxor Street and also burning 3 other neighboring houses. According to the primary statistics 11 people were killed, 6 Muslims and 5 Christians in addition to about 168 injured people

The area witnessed unrest following claiming the confining of a Christian woman that declared turning to Islam at Al Azra Church in Imbaba Area. The woman’s name is Abeer Talat Khairy, from Kafr Shehata Area, Sahel Saleim, South East Assyout. The woman has announced being a Muslim before 7 month and named herself Asmaa Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, emphasized that the sectarian unrest began with protests and threatening with the attack of the cathedral. He also confirmed that what happens in Imbaba area is painful and unacceptable by all the Egyptian people that are jealous for their nationality. The confining issue must be handled by the state not by people themselves. Nobody is authorized by the state to handle this problem. The state’s legal institutions must solve this problem. A citizen should take his right according to article 25 of the criminal procedure law calling for facing those who promote the idea of disrespecting religions, threatening and attacking holly places. These practices are rejected by all the three religions. This unrest must be ended using the law, which is aimed at the protection of citizen’s rights.

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights calls the Egyptian Armed Forces for immediate and emergency confrontation for the unrest in Imbaba Area for saving blood and protection of both the Muslims and Christians in the area in addition to taking the perpetrators to accountability. The security authorities must take their responsibilities once again and handle this turmoil in order to keep the Egyptian society united. The unity of the Egyptian society is based on the respect the citizen’s rights, disregarding his religion or faith. Finally, the organization calls for getting all people the umbrella of law without discrimination, and investigating the violations, based on the rule of law basis. So the organization listed some recommendations as following:

1- The political powers and the civil society should clearly denounce the invitation of heating the Christians and creation of the religious conflicts in addition to emphasizing the rule of law and respecting all the Egyptian people, disregarding their religion and confirming that the state does not authorize anybody to do its own responsibilities.

2- The Egyptian Armed Forces should confront those who do not abide to the laws and should also arrest those who promote the ideas of the sectarian conflict.

3- The police troops should return to the Egyptian streets to face those who violate the laws, using its powers according to the article no. 102 of the police law.

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