The Egyptian human rights’ organizations express its worry towards the miserable situation of the refugees in Ashraf Camp in Iraq and calls for providing international protection

May 19th, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian human rights’ organizations express its worry towards the miserable situation of the refugees, who have lived since 25 years in Ashraf Camp in Iraq; the camp belongs to the Iranian Khalq Fighter Organization.

Ashraf Camp was attacked by the Iraqi forces on July 28 and 29, 2009. The attack left 11 dead people and 500 people were injured in addition to another attack on April 8, 2011 that also left 35 dead people and 350 people were injured. People of the camp are always tortured and humiliated, exactly like prisoners. Starting 2004, people in the camp are covered with Geneva covenant protection. 

The undersigned organizations support the people of Ashraf Camp in Iraq and agree on the demands of the European Parliament Delegation that visited the camp in April. The demands include:

  • 1- Withdrawal of the Iraqi forces from the camp
  • 2- Allowing journalists and parliamentary groups and lawyers to visit Ashraf Camp
  • 3- Providing injured people with medication services in the Iraqi hospitals
  • 4- Conducting independent investigation by the human rights’ organizations on April 8, 2011 attack and giving the camp people all their belongings that were taken during the attack

The human rights’ organizations announced support to the European demands in addition to taking these demands to the International Council for Human Rights and the US Government in order to guarantee the rights of the camp people. The organizations also call the Iraqi Government to allow the local and regional human rights’ NGOs to provide medical services to the injured people.

 The undersigned organizations include:

  • 1- The Arab Program for Human Rights’ Activists
  • 2- The Egyptian Center for Women’s Right
  • 3- The Arab Organization for Human Rights
  • 4- The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights
  • 5- The Arab Council for Judiciary Independence
  • 6- Cairo Center for Human Rights’ Studies
  • 7- Andalus Center for Tolerance Studies
  • 8- Syndicate and Manpower Services’ House

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