The National Council for Human Rights submits a draft law for the parliament

June 16th, 2011 by Editor

Mr. Mohamed Faeq, deputy of The National Council for Human Rights, on June 16, 2011, submitted a draft law for the Egyptian parliament, prepared by the legislative committee of the council. The draft law is aimed at enlargement of the parliamentary representation by including many political parties and groups in the new parliament.

The legislative committee in this draft law adopted the closed proportional list that enables political parties to form separate or joint lists for them. The independent candidates can form lists for them also in order to comply with the rights’ equality principal. The draft law also mentioned the linkage between the lists and the electoral districts. The project defined the independent candidate as the candidate that belongs to any of the political parties or that one who was a member of a certain political party then resigned, 30 days at least before the nomination date.  

The draft law also included the amendment of article no.7 that mentions listing the nomination applications according to the application date in addition to providing receipts for applicants in addition to the amendment of article 8 that gives the membership of candidates’ sorting committee to judges only; forming this committee will be upon a decision by the Supreme Electoral Committee. Each electoral district will distribute the parliamentary seats among the lists according to the percentage of the valid votes, compared with the number of votes in the electoral district. Article no. 20 mentions that the court of cassation discusses the validity of the parliamentary memberships and the claims should be submitted to the court in 30 days after the electoral result declaration. The court decision on the membership validity claims is reached in 90 days after submission to the court and that will make an end to “the council is the only decision maker” concept.


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