The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights calls for the release of Ageza, Edris and the other political detainees

July 18th, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) welcomes the decision of General Mansor El Esawi, the Egyptian Minister of Interior, on the release of 24 political detainees, including Sheikh Magdi Salim, the leader of Al Fateh Network. The mentioned prisoners were released after half of the sentence. 17 prisoners are not listed within the released prisoners including Ahmed Hussein Ageza and Magdi Hassan Edris; so EOHR calls for the release of the other political detainees.
On July 18, 2011, EOHR applied to the Egyptian Ministry of Interior for the release of the other political prisoners. The application included a list of 13 prisoners.
Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of EOHR, calls for the immediate release of all the political prisoners, who served half of the sentence, according to the promise given by the Supreme Council for Armed Forces to release 86 political prisoners with half of the sentence. EOHR also calls for the release of the civilians, who were exposed to exceptional trials, including Ahmed Hussein Mostafa Kamel Ageza, 51 years old. Ageza is charged with being a terrorist returning from Albania in 2001. Ageza was kidnapped in Sweden and given 10 year-sentence. Ageza suffers severe health problems. Magdi Hassan Edris also was sent to prison in the same year for belonging to Al Wad Network.
List of some of the released prisoners:

Ser. No. Name Sentence Served period
1 Ahmed Hussein Ageza 15 years 10 years
2 Magdi Hassan Edris 15 years 10 years
3 Omar Hagef Mahdi 15 years 10 years
4 Gamal Shahry Abdel Wakel Life sentence 16 years
5 Abdel Hamid Sobh Life sentence 25 years
6 Abdollah Abu El Ela Life sentence 17 years
7 Tamer Abdel Salam Al Nono 10 years 6 years
8 Magdi Yousri 10 years 6  years
9 Ala Ali Life sentence 18 years
10 Matarawi Farouk Life sentence 18 years
11 Mohammed Ali Thabit Life sentence 18 years
12 Madani Mohammed Ibrahim Life sentence 20 years
13 Kasim Ibrahim Life sentence 18 years

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