Abu Sead and a group of human rights’ activists visited Tora Prison

July 31st, 2011 by Editor

Following the approval of the Prosecutor General Office, a delegation included human rights activists, members of the Freedoms’ Committee of the Egyptian Bar Association and a number of journalists visited Tora Prison. The delegation aimed at checking the conditions of the prisoners inside the prison and to what extent the standards of human rights are maintained.

The delegation included Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, Head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) as well as a number of human rights activists including Mr. Naser Amin, Mr. Amir Salim and Mr. Mohammed Zarea. The Egyptian Bar Association was represented by Mr. Saad Hasabala and Mr. Asad Hikal. The delegation aimed at visiting the cell of Dr. Ahmed Nazef, the former prime minister, and a number of the past regime members. The prisoners refused the visit.

The delegation noticed having no air conditioners and the prison’s head, General Abdullah Sakr emphasized having TV and fans. He confirmed also giving the prisoners space of time for practicing sport. The delegation met some of the prisoners like Amr Asal, Osama Al Sheikh, Wael Abu Al Lail and Said Abdel Khaleq. The prisoners emphasized seeing Gamal and Ala Mubarak in the prison. The delegation called for checking the prisons’ records to make sure that all the listed prisoners of the past government exist there. The delegation also called for giving prisoners 7 hours for practicing sports in addition to equipping the hospital for receiving urgent cases. The visit lasted for 3 hours.

Abu Seada calls the prosecutor general to allow visiting the past regime members and taking some photos to convince the public that they are indeed in prison. He also called the minister of interior to allow another visit. Finally Abu Seada called for giving the prisoners a space of time from 8 to 5 for practicing sport together, not one by one.

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