Monitoring for Change

September 7th, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) in cooperation with Andalus Institute for Tolerance and anti-Violence Studies is preparing for the “Monitoring for Change” project that is aimed at observing the Egyptian parliamentary and presidential elections’ process.   The first task within the project will be preparation of local electoral observers for the forthcoming electoral process; the observers will monitor the electoral campaign and the electoral process, starting with candidacy, voting, result announcing, electoral violations’ observation and remarks.

The project activities include preparation of training manuals for monitoring and observing the electoral process for selection and training of 1000 local electoral observers for observing the electoral process countrywide. There will be 35 training workshops in different governorates and each workshop will include 30 trainees. The training of observers and media specialists will include illustration of the human rights standards according to the Egyptian constitution and the international standards for human rights. It will also include the rule of the civil society organizations in supporting democracy, mechanisms and skills for observing the electoral process and the legal basis of electoral observation, the role of observers, rights and duties of candidates and voters. The training will also cover drafting electoral observation press releases and detailed reports using the latest mobile phone technologies.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of EOHR, stated that election is the main tool for examination of the people’s well and attitude. It is also the direct way for forming the legislative and decision making councils. The significance of the electoral process makes the Egyptian civil society give special care to all its details in order to guarantee the fairness and transparency safeguards. So, EOHR formerly formed the Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring the Elections, which includes 123 civil society organizations countrywide. The coalition has observed and documented the parliamentary and presidential election process in 2010.

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