EOHR calls for a fact finding committee on Masbero incident

October 10th, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses awesome worry for Masbero violence incident that came as a reaction of Aswan protests for demolishing Marinab Gust House. The building is not only used as a gust hosting building for the Christians come to Edfo Area, Aswan Governorate, but also a worshiping place, in which religious practices used to be done. The Copts submitted an official application for the concerned governmental authorities for turning the hosting house to a church. When the Islamists demolished the building, protests walked from Shubra Area to Masbero district and destroyed private, public and military cars and exchanged fire with the military troops. 24 people were killed and 327 found injured, from both sides.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of EOHR, stated that the heavily expressed sectarian ideas leaded to that deteriorated situation. Laws must control the behaviors of all and the state power must confront the fanatic ideas. The situation must be handled radically. Discussing the dimensions of the problem is the first step towards finding the ideal solution.

He also added that Marinab incident is the worst sectarian violence occurrence after the Egyptian revolution. The casualties of the latest incident exceeded the any other casualties witnessed in similar violence incidents this year.

It is worthy to mention that Egypt witnessed such a long bloody series of sectarian conflicts this year starting with Al Kedisen Church in Alexandria, Sool Church in Aiat, Imbaba Church in Giza and recently Marinab Hosting House conflict. The increasing rate of this kind of sectarian violence endangers the national unity and stability and threatens the intended state of law.

EOHR expresses sorrowfulness for the increase of sectarian violence rate in Egypt. The government could have handled the problem of Marinab Building easily, if the suitable legal measures were taken earlier. The fanatic media coverage turned the incident to a typical sectarian violence and ignored any other dimensions.

EOHR also expresses grief and condolences for the losing its observer, the human rights’ activist, Michael Mosad Gerges, who was found dead yesterday during Masbero incident. Michael acts as an observer on the EOHR’s project, which observes the status of the media coverage for the political affairs and the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

EOHR calls for an effective mechanism for communication between the government and the society in addition to reactivation of the rule of law principals in order to achieve stability, peace and security for all. A juridical committee must be formed to investigate the reasons and events of the incident and the investigation results must be announced to the public.

On October 10, 2011, EOHR launched a fact finding committee to the incident location and the Coptic Hospital in Ramses Square in order to observe and document all the details of the violence incident that resulted military and civil casualties.

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