EOHR calls the Prosecutor General to open investigation on the death of the prisoner Essam Ali Ata

October 30th, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses worry for receiving information on the death of the prisoner Essam Ali Ata, in Kasr El Aini Public Hospital, following being poisoned in Tora High-Security Prison. EOHR also received information on getting Essam under physical torture in the prison and the Prosecution General Office is still investigating the incident. The security troops in the prison used force while trying getting narcotics out of the dead body, which does not comply with the suitable procedures made by the forensic officers.

EOHR launched a fact finding committee to observe and document the death incident of Essam Ali Atta, 23 years old. The victim was given 2-year sentence in connection with sluggish acts and attacking residential units, lawsuit no. 743, year 2011, Shark Military Court. EOHR follows up the lawsuit until issuing the final forensic report. EOHR states that the incident is blamed over the prison officials that do not follow the regulations of searching in prison and do not provide the medical care for urgent cases. So, EOHR calls for urgent investigation on the death incident and the ways of interaction between the prison security troops and the prisoners. The organization calls the Egyptian Ministry of Interior to restructure the Egyptian punishment system in accordance with the international standards of human rights, related to treating prisoners and detainees.

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