Tanta Criminal Court postpones the trial of the protesters’ murderers in Gharbia

November 12th, 2011 by Editor

Tanta Criminal Court postpones discussing the lawsuit no. 3609, year 2011, Tanta to November 14, 2011, to hear the testimony of the defense witnesses. The accused people in this lawsuit include 17 of the police commanders in Gharbia Governorate. The accused people are charged with murdering 15 protesters and injuring 60. The lawyers of the victims’ families called for arresting the accused police commanders as well as the accused commanders in similar lawsuits such as the former Egyptian Minister of Interior.

The accused commanders in Gharbia include General Ramzi Talab and General Mostafa Al Borai, former Security Directors of Gharbia, General Alaa Al Din Al Bibani, deputy of the Security Director of Gharbia. They include also Mazin Salah Naga, Hadi Gamil Salim and Haitham Nagi Al Konaisi, police officers in Gharbia’s Second Police Station.

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