Press release no. 3

November 28th, 2011 by Editor

Preliminary report on the observation mission of the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation

On November 28, 2011, the observers of The Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation documented the electoral violations in connection with opening the polling stations in Assuit’s Second Constituency. The Egyptian Administrative Court issued a decision providing that the voting is banned until having final decision on the status of one of the candidates, which will be listed as “farmer”. The observers also monitored the electoral bribe in many polling stations. The vote was sold at LE 250 in the Red Sea Governorate and LE 50 in Alexandria.

First: late opening of polling stations

The observers documenting late opening of the polling stations in Anas Ibn Malek School in Al salam City, Al Zahra School in Zahraa Ein Shams Area and Abdel Rahman Awad and Osama Ibn Zaid Schools in cairo Downtown. Al Nahda  and Al Zahraa Schools in Ain Shams Area opened late. Also Ahmed Shawky School in Ein Shams did not open until 3 pm and Al Khansaa School in Ein Shams did not open until 3 pm too.

Second: campaigning inside the polling stations:

The coalition observers monitored Freedom and Justice Political Party’s candidates’ campaigning inside the voting centers in Bani Mohamadiat School, Abnoub Area, Assuit, Al Kawmia School in Kasr Al Aini, Cairo, Al Roda School in Manial, Cairo, Mostafa Kamel School in Heliopolis and Al Maadi School in Madi, Cairo. There were campaigning materials also in basatin Area, Cairo, for the candidate Mostafa Bakry in addition to Al Nour and Freedom and Justice Political Party. There were campaigning materials for Justice and development Political party inside Ammar Ibn Yaser in Heliopolis. Al Wafd and Al Nour Political Parties were promoted in Al Mobtadian School in Cairo. Dar Al Saada School in Cairo included campaigning materials for a candidate.

In Alexandria, cars were promoting one of the candidates belongs to Freedom and Justice Political Party in Al Raml Constituency, during the first voting day in addition to campaigning materials in for Freedom and Justice Political Party in Bacos School and Abi Kir Azhar Institute. In Kafr Al Sheikh Freedom and Justice Political Party has got promotion materials in the polling stations in Desouk City. In Luxor, there were campaigning requirements in Shahid Hashim Sayed and Suzan Mubarak Schools in Luxor city. In Fayoum, Freedom and Justice Political Party has got campaigning materials in Mohi El Din Abu El Ezz School.

Third: group transport:

Four voters voted at the same time in Dar Al Salam Architecture School and the same in Talat Harb School in Abbasia.

Fourth: non-existence of ballot papers:

There were not enough ballots in the polling stations in Bani Yahia School, Dirout, Assuit.

Fifth: non-existence of phosphoric ink:

The phosphoric ink does not exist in Ras Al Bar School in Damietta, Al Roda School in Manial, Cairo and Atef Al sadat School in Nasr Vity. There was not phosphoric ink in Esmat Abdel Maged School, Sidi Beshr, Alexandria

Sixth: non-stamped ballots:

In Al kana School in Maadi, Road Al Farag and Mohamed farouk School in Shobra, Nabawia Mosa School in Sherouk and Adel Lotfi Azhar Institute, the ballots are not officially stamped with the seal of the election commission.

Seventh: Electoral Bribes:

The Coalition’s observers have monitored the distribution of bribes in a number of polling stations, although that it wasn’t really systematic phenomenon. For example the coalition representatives have monitored giving drug bills to voters by candidate’s followers at Naser preparatory school, Dowaih village, Luxor governorate. It is worth mentioning that the coalition representatives couldn’t recognize the candidate name. At Alexandria, 50 pounds was distributed for every vote in favor of one of the candidates also, while in Red Sea Governorate, committee No. 82, it was monitored that one of the candidates was deploying 250 pounds for each vote.

Eighth: Preventing voters from reaching the voting stations:

The phenomenon of preventing voters from voting was monitored 3 times from 1 pm to 4 pm in 3 different areas; where the coalition representatives have monitored the breaking in of both Abd Allah Tamam and Antar Ali Bakr deputies to the polling stations no. 40 Al Zeraaa School, Daieroot constituency and Faw Al Nawawrra polling station, Al Badary district, Assiut, consecutively. The candidates’ deputies were raged due to the exclusion of their candidates, who haven’t performed the military service. It is worth mentioning that Faw Al Nawawrra polling station was closed for an hour after the above mentioned violations took place.

While the case was different In Port Saied, Al Canal preparatory school, where the judge has prevented face veiled woman from voting, due to the refusal of the woman to expose her face.

Ninth: the Security Absence:

The security absence phenomenon is not very common in this election, where both the police and the military patrols exist in front of polling stations. But that wasn’t the case Dar Al Salam Al Memarria primary school, where there weren’t any police or even military patrols, and the representatives of Al Nour party were the organizing committee for this polling station.

Tenth: the Absence of the Judicial Supervision:

In Al Kholafaa Al Rashiedien School, Hadaeeq Helwan district, the polling station was suffering from the absence of the judicial supervision till 3 pm.

Eleventh: The Arbitrary Closure of the Polling Stations:

This violation was monitored in Freres De La Salle School at Al Zaher district, where the chairman of the committee no.1 has closed the polling station for 4 hours, after objecting on an unstamped form and clashing with one of the voters. The chairman of the committee no.2 has opened the above-mentioned pre-closed polling station to facilitate the voting process.

Twelfth: Assaulting NGOs’ representatives:

The Coalition’s deputy at Al Saieda Sakina School, the 8th constituency was subjected to threats during her monitoring duration, where she was circled and assaulted by a number of women, who have taken her mobile phone.

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