Press release no. 4

November 28th, 2011 by Editor

Preliminary report on the observation mission of the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation

On November 28, 2011, the observers of The Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation documented the electoral violations in connection with opening the electoral bribes, non-stamped ballots, thuggish acts, clashes among the voters and the candidates in addition to group voting and campaigning inside the polling centers.

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) denounces the silence of the High Commission for Elections in spite of receiving many complaints concerning electoral violations. EOHR calls the high commission for investigation of the situation and placing suitable solutions for the documented violations. EOHR also warns against resuming the violations in the second day and the second and third phases as well. Having this kind of violations threatens the validity of elections in Egypt.

This press release documents the violations made from 4 pm to 9 pm.

First: late opening of polling stations

The observers of the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation documented late opening of the polling stations in Mahmoud Khater School in Ein Shams, Cairo and the Youth Center in Al Tagamoa Al Awal.

Second: campaigning inside the polling stations:

The coalition observers monitored Freedom and Justice Political Party’s candidates’ campaigning inside the voting centers in Al Khodiry and Al Khalifa Schools in Cairo Downtown in addition to the schools in Fariscour City. Al Nour Political Party placed campaigning Materials inside Kafr Al Batekh School in Damietta. Freedom and Justice Political Party’s candidates placed campaigning materials in Al Mobtadian School in Cairo. The materials carried the name of Mohamed Al Akkad and Mohammed Farag.

In Maadi, the coalition observers monitored group transport buses no. 154788 – 523 – 912, carry voters to Al Kana School.

In Alexandria, Freedom and Justice Political Party’s candidates placed campaining materials inside Abu Kir School. There were campainig materials for Al Nour Political Party in Gamila Abu Hrid and Hamdi Ashour Schools.

In Fayoum, the observers of the coalition observed campaigning materials for Al Nour Political party and Freedom and Justice Political Party inside Fayoum Modern School, Al Shahid Salah Al Din Hussein and Qohafa Schools.

In Assuit, the coalition observers found promotion campaigns made in Abu Bakr Al Sedek Mosque, Ali Makarim Street.

In Port Said, the observers found campaigning materials in the polling station no. 432 and 433 in Al Zohor School, for Freedom and Justice and Al Nour Political Parties.

Third: non-existence of phosphoric ink:

The phosphoric ink does not exist in the polling station no. 63 in Hadaek Al Zaiton School in Cairo.

Fourth: non-stamped ballots:

In Maadi School, polling stations no. 72 and 73, Helwan, the ballots are not officially stamped with the seal of the election commission and the same case found in the polling station no. 484 in Kasim Amin School in Cairo and Tarek Ibn Ziad School in Somoha Area, Alexandria.

Fifth: Electoral Bribes:

The Coalition’s observers have monitored the distribution of bribes in a number of polling stations such as Abu El Ela Area, in which Al Wafd Political Party distributed blankets and the Egyptian Bloc distributed LE 50 for a vote. In Luxor, one of the political parties bought votes for LE 25 each and Freedom and that made Justice Political Party submit an official complaint against the bribers.  

Sixth: non-stamped ballots:

In Al kana School in Maadi, Road Al Farag and Mohamed farouk School in Shobra, Nabawia Mosa School in Sherouk and Adel Lotfi Azhar Institute, the ballots are not officially stamped with the seal of the election commission.

Seventh: problems in polling stations:

Names of dead people were found in Kasim Amin School, Cairo. One of them is a woman died 4 years ago. In the same school, polling station no. 484, the station official took the checked ballots from the voters and did not put them in the box. In Road Al Farag School, Shobra, a recycling ballot was found with one of the candidates. The ballot is already checked for him; a voter uses it inside the polling station and gives the candidate and his representatives the non-checked one outside the school against some money. In Assyout, the observers found recycling ballots in Nile and Islamia Schools.

Eighth: the Arbitrary Closure of the Polling Stations:

After 4 pm, the coalition’s observers have monitored the arbitrary closure of the polling stations. In most of the cases, coalition’s observers couldn’t know the closure reason. As in Belal Primary School, Al Sharabia, where the individual candidate ” Shaimaa Saied” has filed a complaint no. 3774, accusing the judge of arbitrary closing the polling station. The Coalition’s observers have also monitored the arbitrary closure of polling stations of both Ali Ebn Abi Taleb School, at Madinet Nasr, and Al Malek Al Saleh School at 7 pm, as well as in Al Shaheed Atef El Sadaat School, Helwan constituency. Also the same case was repeated in polling stations no. 319 and 320 at Al Hussiennyia School, and in Al Noukrashi Secondary School, Hadayek El Qoubba.

In the polling station no. 579, Suzan Mubarak School, Al Maasarra, and Palestine Primary School, the judges did dismiss the voters, grounds that on the non arrival of the electoral roll. In Assuit, Al Koussia, Al Gouhna, the closure of the polling station was detected at 7 pm, the judge of the polling station claimed that no orders was sent to him to extend the voting period till 9 pm.

In Mostafa Kamel School, Al Sharabia, polling stations no.746 and 747 were closed for more than 25 minutes, after permitting a number of voters to enter. The voters who were existed outside the polling stations clashed with the candidates’ deputies, accusing them of blackening electoral cards.

In Luxor, the polling station no. 631 of north El Mataana district was arbitrary closed, in spite of the presence of more than 300 voters waiting to vote. The case which has been repeated in polling stations no. 624 and 625, Keman El Mataana, Essnaa , where the judge did close the polling station at 4 pm. The weird issue is that the closure of the polling stations was a phenomenon in Esnaa, where the Coalition’s observers had monitored the arbitrary closure of 9 polling stations ( Seidi Al Khoudr, Al Degera, Seida Abd El Satar, El Hamadat, Al Shaheed Abd El Satar Mahmoud village, Al Shiekh Abd El Satar Mahmoud, Al Shiekh Fadeel, Baweel, and Al Gharerra).

Ninth: Preventing the NGOs’ Observers from Monitoring:

The Coalition’s observers were prevented from monitoring the elections in Al Mahad El Thanawi School, and in polling stations no. 373 and 374, at Al Gamiea El Khairriea Al Islamia, Dmietta.

Tenth: checking Electoral Cards:

The violation of checking electoral cards was detected in polling stations from 1 to 50, at Senouras School, El Fyoum, at 3 pm in favor of Al Hurriya Wa Al Adala and Al Nour political parties.


Eleventh: Assaulting Candidates:


Mr. Ahmed Abdo Nassar, the candidate of Masr El Quomy political party was assaulted on the coastal high way, Kafr El Shiekh by unknown bearded people. This led him to file a complaint no. 7641, at Motobas Police Station.

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