Press release no. 1, second day

November 29th, 2011 by Editor

Preliminary report on the observation mission of the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation

On November 29, 2011, the observers of The Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation documented the electoral violations for the second voting day. of the Egyptian People’s Assembly elections started with the first phase in Cairo, Alexandria, Assuit, Luxor, Port Said, Kafr Al Sheikh, Damietta, Fayoum and Red Sea Governorates. The first phase includes 6591 independent candidates and 590 candidates for the political parties’ lists. The parliamentary elections run in 83 independent candidate constituencies and 46 constituencies for political parties’ lists. The first phase includes 16 constituencies for the political parties’ lists and 28 constituencies for the independent candidates. The phase covered 3294 electoral centers, including 9841 polling stations. 10000 judges are supervising the Egyptian electoral process.

The Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation includes 123 development and human rights’ civil society organizations in 26 governorates countrywide. The coalition has formed an equipped operation room for receiving the statements of the local and international observers on the situation in the polling stations. The operation room, located at the Egyptian organization for Human Rights (EOHR), includes specialized officers from the Andalus Center for Human Rights Studies and EOHR.

The most serious problem witnessed within the second day were in connection with opening the electoral bribes, non-stamped ballots, thuggish acts, clashes among the voters and the candidates in addition to group voting and campaigning inside the polling centers.

The recycling ballot was found in Hoda Sharawy School in Loran, Alexandria. According to the statement of the polling station supervisor, the ballot belongs to Al Nour Political Party. The Egyptian Bloc submitted official complaints for fraud against the heads of polling stations no. 272 – 273 – 274 – 275 – 280 – 281 in Cairo. The complaint came in the official report no. 7899, Al Sahel Prosecution General Office.

This press release documents the violations made from 8 am to 12 am.

First: late opening of polling stations

The observers of the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation documented late opening of the polling stations in Al Nasr Primary School in Helwan, Sheikha Fatma Bent Mubarak in Nasr City, Al Shahid Abdel Hafez School in Monira, Ali Mubarak School in May 15th Area and Souk Al Selah School in Cairo that did not open until 9 am. They observed late opening also in Al kamal School in Tora and Belal Primary School in Sharabia that did not have a supervising judge, which was included in an official report no. 3774, year 2011.

In Assuit, the polling stations in Suzan Mubarak School opened late. In Damietta, Al Siala Commercial School did not open until 9 am. In Alexandria, Al Wardian Technical School did not open until 8.30 am and Al Salakhana School did not open until 9 am.

Second: campaigning inside the polling stations:

The coalition observers monitored Freedom and Justice Political Party’s candidates’ campaigning inside the voting centers in the Scientific Institute in Al Malek Al Saleh, Al Salam Experimental School in Hadaek El kobba, El Khedioi Ismail School in Sayeda Zenab, Al Forat School in Shobra Misr, Mousa Ibn Nosir School in Hekr Abu Doma and Mostafa kamel School in Maadi.

In Assyout, Al Nour Political Party has got campaigning materials in El Nasr Primary School. In Alexandria, Al Nour and Freedom and Justice Political Party has got promotion materials in Al Salakhana School Complex and Al Morkosia School in Al Attarin.

Third: low participation:

Only few people got to polling stations no. 409, 411 and 412, in the Scientific Institute in Al Malek Al Saleh, constituency no. 8.

Fourth: electoral fraud:

A voter got to Mostafa kamel School, May 15th City, for voting, but the polling station officials told him that he had voted before. The mentioned citizen did not vote, but his name was checked in the official voter lists.  The voter name is Aia Ahmed Hussein.

Fifth: banning voters from voting:

The Coalition’s observers have monitored that the supervising judge in Al Bahary School, Kafr Al Sheikh, refused voting of many people with non-renewed ID cards. 

Sixth: group voting:

The observers found group voting in the polling stations no. 192 and 197, Assuit School and Al Kiman School in Luxor in addition to the Commercial School in Port Said and port Foad School, for Freedom and Justice Political Party.

Seventh: non-existence of phosphoric ink:

The phosphoric ink did not exist in Al Malek Al Saleh School, polling stations no. 409, 411 and 412 and Al Salam Experimental School in Hadaek El Kobba.

Eighth: non-stamped ballots

Ballots were not stamped with the seal of the electoral commission in polling station no. 881, Al Masara School in Helwan and the polling station no. 408, Mahmoud Sami Al Baroudi School, Cairo.

Ninth: security troops:

The coalition observers did not find any existence of the security or military troops in Al Malek Al Saleh School, Cairo.

Tenth: banning civil society observers from entering polling stations:

The civil society organizations’ accredited observers were banned from entering the polling stations no. 327 and 328 in Al Kousia School, Assuit.

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