Press release no. 2, second day

November 29th, 2011 by Editor

Preliminary report on the observation mission of the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation

On November 29, 2011, the voting process continued and the observers of the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation documented poor voting today in most of the polling stations. The most serious electoral violation on the second voting day is using the recycling ballot in many polling stations.

The press release covers the period from 12 to 3 pm.

First: late opening of polling stations

The observers of the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation documented late opening of the polling stations in the polling stations no. 686 and 687, Al Kholafa Al rashedin School in Hadaek Helwan Area until 3 pm.

Second: campaigning inside the polling stations:

The coalition observers monitored Freedom and Justice Political Party’s candidates’ campaigning inside the voting centers in Al Khalifa Al Mamoun School in Muharam Bek, and Al Fadila School in Al Raml, Alexandria.

In Cairo, there were campaigning materials for Freedom and Justice Political Party in Ahmed Maher School in Sayeda Zainab and campaigning materials for Al Wafd, the Egyptian Bloc, Al Nour and Freedom and Justice Political Parties in the Home Economics College in Abu El Ela and the Commercial School in Shubra in addition to other campaigning materials for independent candidates in Mostafa kamel School in Cairo.

In front of Hadaek Helwan School, there was a private car no. 483, promoting the candidate Foad Ahmed Hamed and a pickup car no. 937 promoting the candidate Said Abdollah. In Hadaek Al Zaiton School, there were promotion materials for the Egyptian Bloc.

In Damietta, the coalition observers documented campaigning materials for Freedom and Justice Political and Al Nor Parties in Al Sharabasi School and the polling stations no. 793, 795, 794 and 796 in Al Gomhoria School in Al Zarka.

In Port Said, the coalition monitors observed promotion materials for Al Nor Political Party, candidates Mona Hassan and Ahmed Ibrahim in the polling stations no. 166 and 167 in Al Fateh School in addition to materials for Freedom and Justice Political Party in Al Hadid School.

Third: low participation:

Only few people got to polling stations Othman Ibn Affan, Al saha, Shahid salah Al Din Hussein, Mohsin Tantawy and Bani Etman Schools in Sennoris, Fayoum.

Fourth: electoral fraud:

A voter got to Al Fostat Primary School, constituency 8 in Cairo, for voting, but the polling station officials told her that she had voted before. The mentioned citizen did not vote, but her name was checked in the official voter lists.  The voter name is Aber Mohamed Ahmed, polling station no. 492, serial no. 84.

Fifth: violence and thuggish acts:

The Coalition’s observers have monitored clashes among groups of women belong to Freedom and Justice Political Party and others from Al Nor Political Party in front of the polling stations no. 285 and 289 in Al farouk Omar School in Damietta. Army officers ended the clashes. In Port Said, the candidate Ahmed Soliman’s wife clashed with the polling station officials. The officials were promoting Freedom and Justice Political Party in the polling station in Port Foad Youth Center.

Sixth: Group voting

The reasons behind group voting differ from one case to another, for example the Coalition’s observers have monitored collective voting violation in polling station no.3, Fatma El Zahraa, Ahmed Orabi, Dar El Salam and El Meimarria School exist at the 8th constituency, Cairo. While in polling stations no. 397 and 398 Al Roda School, the judge permitted collective voting inside the polling station behind the curtains, and on being asked, he replied saying that they all were relevant and some of them were ignorant, so they were helping each others.

In Al Sharbassi primary School, Damietta, the Coalition’s observers have monitored also the existence of collective voting, in favor of Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Ganna.

Seventh: the Absence of the Phosphoric Ink

The absence of the phosphoric ink was a phenomenon in most of Port Saied’s polling stations, where the Coalition’s observers have monitored the absence of the phosphoric ink from the majority of Port Saied’s polling stations.

Eighth: Unstamped Ballots

The unstamped ballots violation did exist in Cairo; this phenomenon was monitored in polling stations no. 543 and 544, Al Shaheed Ahmed Hamdy School, 8th constituency, and in polling station no. 630, the Primary School of Masr, Ain Shams as well.

Ninth: Electoral Bribes

Electoral bribes is one of the threatening and most common violations in this election, where it was monitored in polling stations no. 296 and 297, Hamed El Alfy School, Port Saied, where the deputies of Al Hurriya Wa Al Adala candidates were distributing electoral bribes. While in Cairo, in Al Malek Al Saleh Secondary School and Al Mahad Al Elmy School, allocation of electoral bribes ranged between 50 to 100 pounds for each vote.

Tenth: Preventing Observers from having access to polling stations

The observers of NGOs were banned from practicing their right in monitoring the electoral process in polling stations no. 453 and 455, Al Serw Preparatory School, Al Zorqa, Damietta, Ammra Ibn Yasser School, Wasat El Qaheirra constituency, and Al Eidadiea School, Armant El Heitt, Luxor.

Eleventh: Polling Stations problems

In this section we recognize different procedural errors in polling stations. In Al Farouk School, Dar El Salam, 8th constituency, the observers have monitored the absence of the electoral rolls. While in Port Saied, polling stations no. 15 and 16, Al Nasr School, the judge did let the voters to vote without checking the names in the electoral rolls, making voters to sign in the electoral rolls or dipping their fingers in the phosphoric ink.

Twelfth: the Absence of the Judicial Supervision.

The judges supervising polling stations no. 113 and 114, Al Shaheed School, Damietta didn’t exist during the polling time.

Thirteenth: Recycling Ballots

The phenomenon of the recycling ballots was monitored in both Damietta and Cairo; where it was detected that the followers of Al Nour Party did have electoral ballots outside the polling station of Al Montazza Preparatory School, The same case was detected in front of Ahmed El Mahrouki School, Boulak Abu Al Ela.

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