Press release no. 3, second day

November 29th, 2011 by Editor

Preliminary report on the observation mission of the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation

On November 29, 2011, the voting process continued and the observers of the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation documented widespread campaigning of Al Nour and Freedom and Justice Political parties, followed by the Egyptian Bloc and the independent candidates. Equal campaigning opportunities should be provided for all during the second and third phases of the People’s Assembly and the Shura Council elections.

The press release covers the period from 3 to 7 pm.

First: campaigning inside the polling stations:

The coalition observers monitored Al Nour and Freedom and Justice Political Parties’ candidates’ campaigning inside the voting centers in Al Nogom School, Yakoub Street, Heliopolis in addition to campaigning materials for the Conservatives Political Party in Maadi School for Girls. In Port Said, a car with an amplifier was promoting the candidate Akram Al Shaer. In front of Hurghada Commercial School, there were campaigning materials for Al Wasat Political Party in addition to an electronic headquarters for Freedom and Justice Political Party. The independent candidate Heshmat Abu Hagar and Freedom and Justice Political Party were promoted in Mnashiat Gebril School, where public transportation buses no. 741 and 748 were there. There where large campaigning signs, posters  and placards for the Egyptian Bloc in front of Shahid Mostafa Al Tabbakh School and some people were promoting Al Wafd Political Party there.

Third: violence and thuggish acts:

The coalition observers monitored thuggish and violence acts in front of the polling station no. 633, Al Kiman School in Esna, Luxor, practiced by people belong to Freedom and Justice Political Party. The violence incident led to closing the polling station at 12 pm.

In Assuit, the supporters of the independent candidate Ahmed Fatehy clashed with the candidate of Freedom and Justice Political Party Abdallah Sadek. One of the candidates of the Egyptian Bloc had beaten the head of the polling station no. 166 and the head of the station draft an official report on the incident.   

Fourth: group voting:

The coalition observers monitored group voting in Port Foad School in Port Said, polling stations no. 51, 52, 53 and 54 in addition to allowing voting of veiled  women without uncovering their faces.

Fifth: non existence of phosphoric ink:

The Coalition’s observers have monitored the absence of phosphoric ink in many polling stations in the first phase governorates countrywide. Some polling stations used the ordinary blue ink instead of the phosphoric ink.

Sixth: Unstamped Ballots

The unstamped ballots were observed in many polling station during the first phase like Misr Preparatory School in Ein Shams, Ammar Ibn Yaser School in Al Sahel and Al Kawmia School in Zamalek, Cairo.

Seventh: Electoral Bribes

The coalition observers documented electoral bribes during the first phase. Supporters of Al Nour Political Party distributed ready-made meals among the voters to vote for their lists in Al Zarka Constituency in Damietta.

Eighth: Preventing Observers from having access to polling stations

The observers of the civil society NGOs were banned from entering polling stations in Shahid Mostafa Al Tabakh School in Sharabia and Nabawia Mosa School in Nasr City, Cairo.

Ninth: Polling Stations problems

The coalition observers documented the absence of voting curtains and phosphoric ink in the polling stations no. 409 and 411 in the Scientific Institute in Cairo. There was no ballot box for the independent candidates in the polling station no. 8 in Al Azhar School in Maadi, the voting curtains were absent also.

Tenth: the Absence of the Judicial Supervision.

The coalition observers documented the absence of the judge supervising one of the polling stations in Mostafa Kamel School in Sharabia, Cairo, where veiled women used to collect ID cards to vote instead of them.

In Assuit, the supervision judge of the polling station no. 67 in Ali Ibn Abi Taleb School, left his place for 15 minutes and voting continued in his absence.

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