Phase 2 Press release no. 5

December 15th, 2011 by Editor

Preliminary report on the observation mission of the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation

On December 15, 2011, the Egyptian People’s Assembly election process in the second phase continued with voting rate of 28% in Giza, Menoufia, Sharkia, Ismailia, Bani Suef, Suez, Behaira, Sohag and Aswan Governorates. The electoral observation mission documented some electoral challenges like the late opening of the polling stations, non existence of the phosphoric ink and and campaigning inside and outside the polling stations for the Egyptian Bloc, Al Wasat, Al Nour and Freedom and Justice Political Parties. 17 official complaints were filed to the election commission against the non-legal campaigning of some women supporting Freedom and Justice Political Party in Beba, Al fashn and simista in bani Swef. There were electoral bribes in Sharkia. Votes were sold at LE 100 each in addition to electoral fraud in Suez and Sharkia.       

This statement shows the electoral violations until 2 pm:

First: campaigning:

The coalition observers monitored campaigning materials in Al Nakhl Primary School in Edfo, Aswan.

In Giza, Al Nour Political Party was promoted in Hafez Ibrahim Primary School, constituency 3. Al Nour, Al Wafd and Freedom and Justice Political Parties were promoted in Aziz Al Misry School in Haram. Al Nour Political Party was promoted in Kerdasa School. Al Nour and Freedom and Justice Political Parties were promoted in Al Zohor School in faisal.

In Sharkia, there were campaigning materials in front of Al Husseinia School for an independent candidate. The Egyptian bloc was promoted in Mohamed Rabea salah School.

In Suez, there were campaigning materials at ahmed Zaki and Al Mostakbal Schools for Al Nour and Freedom and Justice Political Parties. The complaint no. 145, Rashed, was filed against Al Nour, Al Wafd and Freedom and Justice Political Parties for spreading campaigning materials in the polling station no. 1253 at Rashed Preparatory School.  

Second: problems in polling stations:

The coalition observers monitored non existence of phosphoric ink in the polling station no. 8, in Abdel salam Atwan School, Sharkia.

In Sohag, the candidates’ representatives organized a protest in Al Khazindaria School, when the supervising judge dismissed them except for the representatives of Al Wafd Political Party and the independent candidate Abdel rahman Al Arini.

Third: group voting:

The coalition observers witnessed group voting in the polling stations no. 424 and 425 in Fatma Al Zahra School in Al Warraq, Giza and Al Habari School in Edfo, Aswan.  

Fourth: banning entrance of observers:

The coalition observers were banned from entering the polling station no. 2 in Al Mahamid School in Aswan and Taba School, Constituency 2 in faisal, Giza and Al Zahra school in Sharkia, by the military police and security troops.

Fifth: electoral bribes:

The coalition observers documented electoral bribes in Hosni Mubarak School in Monshat Beshara in Sharkia. One of the independent candidates distributed money among the voters in front of the polling centers.

Sixth: group transport:

The coalition observers documented group transport in omar Ibn Al Khatab School in Husseinia, Sharkia. The car no. 152761 transported the voters for one of the independent candidates. In Aswan, the car no. 7435 transported the voters for Al Salam Political Party. In Behira, Al wastani, the cars no. 2785 and 1714 were transporting voters to vote for Al Nour Political Party and car no. 777593 was transporting voters for Freedom and justice Political Party.    

Seventh: electoral fraud:

The coalition observers witnessed fraud in the polling stations no. 291 and 292 in Al Amal Industrial School in Faisal, Giza. Veiled women used to vote for others.

In the polling station no. 50 the military police arrested a supporter of one of the independent candidates, who came with a woman claiming that the woman is his mother.

In Sharkia, the voter Samira Abdel Rahman Hassan went to the polling station no. 19 and found out that somebody voted instead of her.

Fraud was found in the polling station no. 400, Taba School, Faisal, for one of the independent candidates.      

violence and thuggish acts:

many clashes took place in Sohag between the supporters of the Islamists and the independent candidate Abu Al Yazed Al Arabi. The Supporters of Abu Al Yazed banned the voters from entering the polling stations in Gazerat Mahrous School, constituency 1 in Akhmim. The military police ended the clashes.

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