The Military Court of Cassation approved the claim of Adel Fattouh Al Gazzar

December 30th, 2011 by Editor

The Military Court of Cassation accepted the claim of Adel Fattouh Al Gazzar for the re-trial. Hafez Abu Seada, attorney at law, submitted the claim after Adel was sentenced three years in prison. Adel Fattouh Al Gazzar is one of the Islamist leaders detained in Guantanamo Camp. Adel was detained in year 2000, when he moved to Pakistan to teach holly Quran as a volunteer with the Red Crescent. Adel was injured during an American air strike and stayed for a month in a Pakistani hospital. Then, he was arrested by the American army and transported to one of the American prisons in Kandahar, without completing medication. Adel stayed there for 11 days; then he was transferred to Guantanamo camp and stayed there for 8 years ended in 2010. Then he was released and sent to Slovakia, where he was detained for 6 months in one of the migrants’ detention centers.

In July 2011, Adel Fattouh Al Gazzar arrived at Cairo Airport within an Austrian flight, using Slovakian travel documents, on a pushing chair, after removing his leg in the American prison. The authorities detained Adel Fattouh Al Gazzar to serve three years in prison on Al Wad Network’s Military Criminal Lawsuit no. 24/2011.

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