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January 2nd, 2012 by Editor

The Emergency Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights

Discussion of the raids on Human Rights Organizations’ offices

The Executive Committee of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights held an emergency meeting at the beginning of the New Year to consider the details related to the raids on a number of Egyptian and International NGOs.

The committee expressed regret over taking such procedure, which is considered an unprecedented procedure in the Human Rights Organizations.

The committee expressed its concern over the adoption of such attitudes in dealing with the organizations.

Regarding the legal aspect of the procedures which have been taken, the committee noted the following:

The investigating judges who issued such decision, were appointed in a way contradicts with the Criminal Procedures Act (the section of the investigating judges), which states that The investigating judges are appointed through a decision of the General Assembly of the Court of Appeal, while the appointment of such judges was done by the President of the Court upon the request of the Minister of Justice

  1. The inspection decision of the investigating judges was not submitted to the officials of organizations; moreover, the impounded documents and files have not been sorted but transferred to the Prosecution General Office to be sorted there.
  2. The offices have been closed with wax seal without a judicial decision; therefore some of these offices have been opened after discovering the wrong procedure of closure.
  3. Violating the confidentiality of the investigation and the Criminal Procedures Act through the disclosure of some outcomes, which affects justice course and leads to the defamation of some organizations and individuals before the end of the investigation and identifying specific results.

The meeting has concluded to the need to halt all raids and return these offices to the officials of Organizations.

The meeting recommended the need for resuming the dialogue, which was initiated by NCHR, between the Government and Civil Society Organizations, in order to develop the legislative structures governing the work of Civil Society Organizations. The dialogue could facilitate providing their services to the Egyptian society support the rule of law and establish the new democratic state which respects the human rights’ standards.

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