EOHR denounces Port Said violence

February 2nd, 2012 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) denounces the violence that took place following the football match in Port Said Stade of Al Ahly and Al Masry Sporting Clubs. 74 fans died and 200 were injured. What happened was a complete crime against Al Ahly Ultras that participated in the Egyptian revolution and supported the protesters during hard times including the “camel Combat”. There were not enough security troops or inspection procedures during the entrance to the Stade. Only a small gate was allocated for exit of Al Ahly Ultras. During the attack the fans rushed to the small door and many people died after they were stepped over.

EOHR emphasized that what happened represents a severe violation of human rights, especially the right to life. The security troops should have got ready after the clashes took place in Mahala during the football match of Ghazl Al Mahala and Al Ahly Clubs on December 31, 2011. Al Ahly players were protected by the armored vehicles during their return from Mahala. EOHR calls for taking the governor and the security leaders in Port Said to accountability for the security vacuum during the football match. Bullets were found in the dead bodies of some fans, which mean having a conspiring plan against the national stability already made before the match.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of EOHR, stated that the inadequate security procedures are blamed over the commanders of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior. He called for immediate investigation on the violence incident and providing the public with the investigation outcomes. He also called for taking the suitable security procedures so as not to have such massacre in Egypt again in the future.

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