Legal experts, professors of law and political science call for amendment of article 60

April 5th, 2012 by Editor

In the framework of the meeting entitled “Towards the Ideal Constitution for Egyptian People” held by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) on April 4, 2012, Legal experts, professors of political science, political and human rights activists called the Supreme Council for Armed Forces for amendment of article 60 of the constitutional declaration issued in March 2011. The article did not place the legal frame for selection of the national constitutional assembly members. It gave the selection powers to the parliamentarians only. The participants called for forming a committee of the university professors of the constitutional law to drafts the main standards for selecting the members of the national constitutional assembly.

In this regard, EOHR formed a specialized committee to select the members of the constitutional assembly. The constitutional assembly will include representatives of all the political powers, civil society organizations and professors of law and political science. The specialized selection committee will hold hearing sessions in Cairo and the governorates.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of EOHR, stated that the independent constitutional assembly is aimed at drafting the first constitution after the Egyptian revolution, according to the international standards of human rights, representing all the Egyptian people, including minorities. He called for Consensual constitutional assembly include all the Egyptian powers and groups including parliamentarians, judges, representatives of the civil society organizations, syndicates, political parties, business men, feminist NGOs, writers, politicians, military and police officers, sheikhs and priests, Nubians and nomads etc. the assembly should draft the constitution trough broadcasted discussion and hearing sessions in order to be monitored by the Egyptian people.

Dr. Ahmed Kamal Abu Al Magd, the legal expert, confirmed that many experienced legal experts are not included in the formed constitutional assembly. Dr. Abu Al Magd stated that Egypt witnesses a very critical era; the revolutionists do not believe that the revolution achieved any noticeable success. He called for placing specific standards for the selection of the national constitutional assembly members.

Dr. Ahmed Hassan Al Borai, the former Egyptian Minister of Manpower, professor of law, stated that the method used for selecting the members of the national constitutional assembly indicates great danger. There is not harmony. He called for a constitution respects the right to citizenship and social and economic equality in order to reflect the spirit of the Egyptian revolution.

Dr. Yahia Al Gamal, the former Deputy Prime Minister, said that the wrong beginnings do not lead to right endings. The constitution should have come first after the revolution. Now Muslim Brotherhood control everything and that will lead to a new revolution, the Revolution of the hungry people, those who live in the slums, against those who lost credibility in no time.

Dr. Ibrahim Darwish, the professor of law, stated that the constitutional problems started when the SCAF stopped working with the constitution of 1971, declaring that the revolution put out of action the current constitution. Actually the revolution did not, but the SCAF issued the famous constitutional declaration with 28 articles, including fatal constitutional mistakes. The electoral law reflected a deal to give power to the Islamists. If the same take place with the constitution drafting process, a new Egyptian revolution will exist soon.

Dr. Amani Al Tawel, expert for Al Ahram Center of Strategic Studies, stated that the United Stated appreciates the role played by Muslim Brotherhood after the revolution. So, the Egyptian people should come together to draft their own constitution.

Mr. Ahmed Abdel Hafez, the vice president of EOHR, stated that we should start discussions with the Egyptian people on streets in order to draft the constitution that reflect the rights and requirements of all the Egyptian groups and categories for achieving the real long-awaited democracy.

Dr. Nehad Aboul Komsan, the head of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, denounced the method of forming the national constitutional assembly; she wondered how such an important assembly like this includes only 6 women, only %6. It does not comply with the women’s rights to political participation, especially after the Egyptian revolution.

Dr. Hassan Nafa, the professor of political science, called for the constitution that achieves equality for all people, reflecting the principals of the revolutionists. Many mistakes were made after the revolution, but the Egyptians should step over all these obstacles and start production in all fields.

Dr. Abdollah Khalil, legal expert, confirmed that the new Egyptian law must address the human rights and take the international experiences as references. He added that the constitutional declaration issued in March 2011 was entirely free of any articles related to the social, economic or cultural rights, basically called by the Egyptian revolutionists, although all these rights are all guaranteed within the constitutions worldwide.

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