EOHR calls SCAF to handle the problem of Egyptians in the Saudi prisons

April 15th, 2012 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) denounces detention of the Egyptian citizen Mohamed Ginidy Mohamed Al Nafa and his sister Gamalat without any charges.

EOHR received a phone call from Mohamed Ginidy in the general prison in Madina Monawara, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in which he said that he and his sister were arrested by the Saudi security forces. The Saudi police asked the arrested people about a lawsuit in which they found not guilty in May 2010, but they stayed in prison after that date. Mohamed Ginidy suffers problems with sight and needs urgent medical care services. Detaining the abovementioned Egyptian citizens does not comply with the international convention of human rights in connection with prisoners’ rights, signed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The International Convention for Civil and Political Rights, article 9, stresses on the person’s right to freedom and personal safety. Deprivation from freedom must be based on legal action and forcible detention is not accepted and illegal. Any person comes under arrest should be informed about the reasons of arrest or detention.

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