EOHR calls for the release of Abbasia’s detainees

May 6th, 2012 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) completely denounces detention of journalists while covering the violence in front of the Ministry of Defense’s headquarters in addition to university students. The journalistic photographers Mohamed Al Shami from Al Misry Al Youm Newspaper and the photographer Mohamed Omar from Al Watan Newspaper were injured. Many of the students of Ein Shams University, nearby the Ministry of Defense’s headquarters, were arrested while they were going to attend their classes, during the clashes between the military troops and the protesting Islamists. The military troops also Ahmed Ramadan and Islam Abu El Ezz, journalists for Al Badel Newspaper, Abdallah Mishrif, journalist from Al Watan Newspaper and Virgini Nuin, a Belgium photographer for Misry Al Youm Newspaper.

EOHR is worry for arresting those groups of journalists and university students. Such actions do not comply with the international standards of freedom of expression and assembly. The arrest of those people does not comply with the Egyptian constitutional declaration issued by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces in March 2011 guaranteeing these freedoms. He expressed worry for the human rights in Egypt during the transitional justice.

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