The Egyptian Federation for Election Observation has complained against some electoral violations in the polling stations countrywide

May 23rd, 2012 by Editor

On May 23, 2012, the Egyptian Federation for Election Observation submitted an official complaint to the Supreme Juridical Presidential Election Commission against some electoral violations in different governorates until the evening. The federation called the commission for immediate investigation on the complaint and stopping such violations in addition to talking the perpetrators to accountability.
The violations came as follows:
In Cairo, the observers of the Egyptian federation documented that the voter Mamdoh Abdel Wahab, registered under no. 3405 in the voting records, Al Zaher Secondary School, discovered that someone has voted instead of him before arriving at the polling station.
In Gharbia, a clash took place between the head of the polling station no. 25 in Kafr Hegazy School in Mahala Kobra and one of the handicapped people. The voter asked the official to vote instead of him for Amr Mosa, but the official voted for Mohamed Morsi.
In Damietta, the observers of the Egyptian coalition documented one of the judges directing a voter to vote for Amr Mosa in Kafr Al Ghab School.
In Dakhlia, polling station no. 28, fakhr Dakhlia, there was a revolving voter record. The head of the polling station confiscated the record and filed an official report on the incident.
Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), the main coordinator of the Egyptian Federation for Election Observation, stated that these activities are considered as electoral violations according to article no. 48 of the political participation code no. 73, year 1956 and decree no. 124, year 2011[1].

[1] Imprisonments are given to:
Those who threaten people in order to prevent them from voting or those who force voters to adopt specific points of view
Those who offer benefits for others in order to adopt specific ideas of change their minds
The head of the High Electoral Commission has the right to invalidate the votes of the voters involved in the abovementioned crimes.

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