The Egyptian Federation for Election Observation has complained against violation of the electoral silence

May 23rd, 2012 by Editor

On May 23, 2012, the Egyptian Federation for Election Observation submitted an official complaint to the Supreme Juridical Presidential Election Commission against electoral violations. The federation called the commission for immediate investigation on the complaint and stopping such violations.
The violations came as follows:
In Giza, the observers of the Egyptian coalition witnessed the representatives of the presidential candidate Mohammed Morsi were directing the voters to vote for him, in front of Motamadia Primary School. One of the representatives of the presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq directed voters to vote for him in Mostafa Kamel Primary School in Bolak Al Dakror.
In Sharkia, both Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Morsi were promoted in Al Zahraa School and the Commercial School in Derab Negm. The observers also documented existence of private cars with posters for the two presidential candidates.
In Menofia, the representatives of the presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq used amplifiers to promote him in front of the Secondary School for Girls.
In Luxor, the observer of the Egyptian federation documented campaigning in Kiman Al Matana Primary School for the candidates Salim Al Awa, Mohamed Morsi and Abdel Moniem Abu Al Fotoh.
Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), the main coordinator of the Egyptian Federation for Election Observation, stated that these activities are considered as electoral violations according to article no. 20[1] of law no. 174, year 2005 and the decree no. 12, year 2012. Abu Seada called the electoral commission to open immediate investigation and take the suitable procedures against such violations.

[1] Article 20: the electoral campaigns start 3 weeks before the election day and ends 2 days before the election day. In case of re-round starts on the next day after the result and ends at 12 pm, one day before election day. Campaigning includes all kinds of activities aimed at convincing voters to vote for a specific candidate.

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