Increasing electoral participation in the runoff

June 16th, 2012 by Editor

On June 16, 2012, the Egyptian Federation for Election Observation deployed 1600 local observers countrywide. The observers of the Egyptian coalition observed increasing of the voting rate amongst women and old people in addition to using safe ballot boxes, phosphoric ink and construction of wide umbrellas in front of the poling centers for protection of voters against high temperature. The observers sated that most of the polling stations opened early. The documented electoral findings are mentioned below:

In Sharkia, large numbers of voters were in front of Al Husainya Secondary School and Abdel Salam Atwan School in Al Husainya. The same situation was found in front of Al Shobak Preparatory School.

In Cairo, Sayeda Rokia School in Shobra Misr and Al Malek Al Saleh School in Misr Al Kadima, witnessed high electoral participation.

In North Sinai, the observers of the Egyptian federation witnessed large numbers of voters in front of the polling stations in Molhakat Al Moalmin School.

In Aswan, scores of voters were in front of the polling stations in the Cultural Palace, Al Shebak House.

In Minia, many people were seen in front of the polling stations in Monshat Al Fikria School in Abu Karkas.

In Giza, dozens of voters crowded in front of the polling stations in Ahmed Shawki Primary School.

In Luxor, scores on voters were in front of the polling stations no. 13 and 14 in Ryania Primary School and the polling stations no. 15 and 16 for girls at the same school.

In Behaira, many voters were witnessed in front of the polling stations in Abu Al Shekaf School in Hosh Esa.

In Gharbia, voters crowded in the morning in front of the polling stations in Om Al Moaminin School.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), the main coordinator of the Egyptian Federation for Election Observation, stated that the increasing number of voters in front of the polling stations countrywide is a positive indicator to well-political participation, which confirms on real intention of the Egyptian people to elect their president. The Egyptian people intend to practice their political rights according to the international standards of human rights and the Egyptian constitutional declaration issued in March 2011.

It is worthy to mention that the Egyptian Coalition for Electoral Observation includes 128 development and human rights’ civil society organizations, in 26 governorates countrywide. The coalition has formed an equipped operation room for receiving the statements of the local observers on the situation in the polling stations. The operation room, located at the Egyptian organization for Human Rights (EOHR), includes specialized officers from EOHR and other NGOs of the Egyptian coalition including the United Group for Legal Advising, Andalus Center for Anti Violence Studies and the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights etc.

The Egyptian Coalition for Election Observation is monitoring the Egyptian presidential elections, starting with submitting candidates’ applications, electoral campaigns, election day, voting and result announcing.

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