Setback to the Egyptian revolution

July 3rd, 2012 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses its deep distress concerning the increased acts of violence aimed at innocent civilians. EOHR calls for immediate and strict response to these actions by bringing all the offenders to justice. It further calls for an effective strategy to prevent such actions from taking place in the future.

On the 26th of June 2012, the village of Meet El-Az in Al-sharkia governorate witnessed the death of two musicians as they were returning from a wedding in the early hours of morning. The two musicians were asked earlier to stop working in music.

 Another incident took place last Sunday when Ahmed Hussein, a twenty year-old engineering student, was killed whilst taking his cousin and fiancé home. Ahmed was stopped by three men on a motorcycle and was asked to justify his walking with the girl. He replied clarifying that she was his fiancé and blustered “This is none of your business; I can walk freely with my fiancé”. They then stabbed him leading to his instant death says is father in a communiqué under the number 2577 in Suez police department. On Tuesday 3rd of July 2012, EOHR has sent a delegation to inquire after the exact details of the case.

In this regard, EOHR accentuates that incidents similar to this one are infringements on a number of basic human rights mentioned in the constitutional deceleration and relevant international human rights declarations. Infringements of this kind do not concise with post-revolutionary Egypt as respect of freedoms and rights is a fundamental aspect to the current phase.  EOHR emphasises the necessity of immediate inquisitions aimed at finding and bringing to justice all those who committed such crimes with no exceptions to help in the preservation of the civilian and artistic lives especially those representing the secular current.

EOHR warns of these crimes as they might result in a return to a series of violence and ‘anti-violence’ as it was the case in the nineties. The organization highlights the importance of instantaneous and firm application of law and fair trial when dealing with crimes of violence and religious terrorism. This should come along with putting an end to the increased use of religion in politics and with holding in account those who take a paternalistic role, in the name of religion, telling people what to do and what not to do. EOHR calls for the unification of all civic and cultured forces to confront this eminent danger as this could potentially lead to citizens losing control over their private lives which would signifies a setback to the 25th of January revolution.


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