EOHR denounces the arrest of the Egyptian journalist Shaimaa Adel

July 7th, 2012 by Editor

EOHR expresses its utter refusal for the continuation of the arrest of Egyptian journalist Shaimaa Adel. Shaimaa was arrested by the Sudanese authorities whilst covering recent events in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.  Her arrest took place alongside tenacious efforts from the Sudanese authorities to obscure the picture of what is currently taking place.

EOHR has been closely monitoring what the young journalist has been through; from illegal detention to placing restrictions on her movement. What Shaimaa has been subjected to is clearly against international regulations that guard journalists during their work. There have been numerous appeals for both the Egyptian and the Sudanese governments to release Shaimaa yet the fate of the journalist remains undetermined.

In the light of what is mentioned above, EOHR implores the ministry of foreign affairs to keep to its duties in protecting Egyptians abroad by holding talks with its Sudanese counterpart. Hence, EOHR expresses its solidarity with the detained journalist Shaimaa Adel till she is released.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of EOHR, elucidated that the media’s ability in documenting and publishing information with no interference is an essential requirement of democracy. Hence, journalists should be given the right to release news with no interference and with no threat to their lives and belongings.

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