The law suit for disassembling the National Constitutional Assembly is postponed to the 19th of July

July 16th, 2012 by Editor

The Administrative Court decided to postpone the law suit calling for the disassembling of the National Constitutional Assembly to the 19th of July 2012. A number of human rights and political activists, including Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, earlier submitted a number of appeals. The court’s decision came to being to allow them to take the necessary legal actions to replace the lawsuit discussion judge. 

EOHR appealed the formation of the second National Constitutional Assembly on the 15th of June 2012 in order to stop the decision issued by the Election Assemblies of the Parliament. The decision was issued on the 12th of June 2012 and included the selection of the members of the National Constitutional Assembly that included some members of the parliament. The appeal was reported under the number 46539 for the year 66, administrative court. The selection of the members of the Second National Constitutional Assembly had some of the same errors in the previous Assembly as some of the selection criteria for its formation are characteristically sectarian and exclude certain categories and some of its members are parliamentarians. All this caused the organization to appeal the decision. The appeal was submitted by Mr. Hafez Abu Saeda as the head of EOHR.

EOHR has closely followed the proceedings of today’s session which was full of hassle because this court court had a number of public opinion cases. The court eventually decided to transfer all cases seeking the disassembling of the Shurah Council and all the cases that appeal the SCAF’s decision to disassemble the People’s assembly to the State Commissioner Authority. Moreover, the court has decided to announce the verdict in the case of cancelling the Presidential decree of re-assembling the People’s assembly on this Thursday.

Hundreds of citizens gathered in front of the administrative court which hindered traffic and hampered the litigants upon entering the court. The crowdedness in the court room has caused the case to be moved to another court room and the session started at 12:30 pm in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Al-Domiaty and the vice president of the disassembled people’s Assembly Mr. Mohamed Al-Omda, who called for the replacement of the lawsuit discussion judge.

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