EOHR calls for the removal of a human rights activist’s name from travel ban’s list

July 31st, 2012 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses deep concern over putting Sherif Ahmed Subhy Mansour “ex-director for MENA program at Freedom House” and one of the accused persons of the civil society organizations’ case on travel ban’s list. The abovementioned person has filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Court registered under the no. 49534 for the year 66 demanding the suspension of the implementation of the public prosecutor’s decision issued on 11-1-2012 to include his name on the travel ban’s list and to anticipate his arrival from the U.S as he was accused of the case no. 1110 for the year 2012 before Kasr El Nil criminal court registered under no. 173 for the year 2011. As he was residing in the U.S before the case, he was forced to come to Egypt to attend the trial proceedings, and on his arrival on 3-6-2012 to Cairo, he found his name included on the travel ban’s list and the anticipation of his arrival, and was arrested by airport authorities. He was represented before a criminal court having jurisdiction over the case and then was released. He got a verdict from the Administrative court on 17-7-2012 to suspend the implementation of the contested decision and the effects that result from it.  EOHR considers the continual adding of Sherif Mansour on the travel ban’s list a flagrant violation of the rights guaranteed in the texts of the constitutional declaration and the international conventions of human rights. Article no. 8 in the constitutional declaration issued on 30-7-2012 stated that “personal freedom is a guaranteed right, also it’s not allowed to arrest or inspect or restrict the freedom of someone and prevent him from moving without legal reasons.


Article 14 stated that it’s not allowed to prevent someone from staying in a certain place or force someone to stay in a certain place except for the cases identified by law.


Also Article 13 and 9 in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, ratified by the Egyptian government guarantee these rights.


In this regard, EOHR demands immediate removal of Sherif Mansour’s name from the travel ban list and the anticipation of his arrival pursuant to the Administrative Court’s verdict.


Mr. Hafez Abu Seada stressed that the legislators appreciated much the freedom of travel and movement and took it as an untouchable constitutional right of citizens. He also called for executing the court verdict allowing him to travel whenever and wherever he wants.  

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