EOHR Condemns the Targeting of Egyptian Soldiers at the Rafah Border

August 6th, 2012 by Editor

                The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) strongly condemns the terrorist attacks of late Sunday evening, targeting Egyptian security forces along the Rafah border area of northeast Sinai.  The perpetrators of the incident opened gunfire on Egyptian military service men killing sixteen and critically wounding seven. 

            In response to the occurrence of this mournful event, EOHR strongly urges the police to quickly uncover the circumstances of the incident, and take the perpetrators to accountability.  EOHR also stresses the importance of a national adoption of a comprehensive approach to combating terrorism and terrorist acts.  In this regard, EOHR urges that an effective strategy be put in place for the adequate response to the security, economic, and social issues of the Sinai region.

                Furthermore, Mr. Hafez Abo Seada, President of EOHR, underscores the importance of understanding this incident as an indicator of the potential danger that the Egyptian State is in.  Mr. Seada warns of the serious effects such incidents can have on the security, safety, and stability of the entire nation while identifying the incident as a strong indicator that Egyptian security facilities were currently being targeted.  Subsequently, Mr. Seada calls for the immediate restoration of security to the Sinai region via the re-deployment of Egyptian forces to Sinai– especially along the border areas. 

                Moreover, Mr. Seada calls upon the Egyptian people and the various political powers to provide their full support to security forces in eradicating the presence and threat of terrorists and terrorism within the region.  In addition, Mr. Seada also strongly urges President Mohamed Morsi and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to hasten the investigation and prosecution of the incident and restore justice to the families of those service men who were brutally gunned down while fulfilling their patriotic duty and defending our nation

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