EOHR and ANHRI Announce Results of Media Monitoring Project

August 8th, 2012 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights and the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information announce the results of their media monitoring project that observed the performance of several electronic news sources and several sports channels over a two week period.  The project sought to monitor and measure the pluralism and objectivity of these media sources in their representation of information to the public immediately after the political transfer of power.  The report covered the period from July 15th – July 31st and monitored the performance of the following media sources. 

                As regards the electronic media sources, the “Ikhwan Online” website was found to be objective in its media representation at a rate of 68 percent. The “Al Badeel” website’s performance has regressed from 100 percent objectivity in recent studies to a current 69 percent objectivity.  The independent “El Youm el Saba” news source maintained a media objectivity rate of 90 percent.  Meanwhile, the media objectivity rate of “Al Shoroq ” did not exceed 10 percent.  “Al Masry Al Youm” also maintained a relatively low media objectivity rate at roughly 46 percent.  “Al Watan ” maintained a media objectivity rate of 42 percent, and “Al Akhbar” state newspaper managed a 74 percent media objectivity rate.  The Partisan “Al Wafd” electronic news source managed a 49 percent media objectivity rate, and “Al Masrawi” news source maintained a media objectivity rate of 31 percent.

                As regards the monitored sports channels, while not all coverage and reporting was politically oriented, “Dream 1,” “Al Ahly,” “Melody Sports,” and “Al Nahar Sports” all maintained a media objectivity rate of 100 percent whereas “Modern Sport” maintained a media objectivity rate of 94 percent.  However, it was also the findings of the monitoring project that the overall coverage of women related topics was much higher on electronic sites than television sports channels, but remained in either case relatively low.  The monitoring project also reported a substantial presence of non-sports related, political coverage on the majority of the selected sports channels and noted that these programs were relatively high in their objectivity.

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