EOHR Condemns the Recent Assault on Journalists and Demands an Immediate Investigation

August 8th, 2012 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights strongly condemns the recent assaults on Mr. Khaled Salah, Chief Editor of the Youm El Saba Newspaper, and independent media journalists Mr. Youssef El Husseiny and Mr. Amr Adeeb.  EOHR calls for the immediate investigation of these attacks and the quick release of relevant information to the public.


Mr. Khaled Salah contacted EOHR after his startling confrontation with a group of assailants on his way to present the “Seven Questions” program at the “El Nahar” Television channel in the Media Production City.  Mr. Khaled Salah was astonished by the presence of a crowd of Muslim Brotherhood supporters blocking the entrance to the Media Production City holding up signs denouncing Mr. Amr Adeeb and Mr. Ebrahim Esa and expressing a clear detestation for all opposition speakers against the policies of the current President, Pr. Mohamed Morsi.  The Crowd prevented Mr. Khaled Salah’s entrance into the Media Production City and then proceeded to assault both Mr. Khaled’s person and property.  Similar attacks were inflicted upon both Mr. Amr Adeeb and Mr. Youssef El Husseiny.


The president of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, Mr. Hafez Abo Seada, both denounces these acts of aggression and expresses grave concern over their occurrence. By targeting and attacking those whose opinions differ from the Muslim Brotherhood’s ruling party-line, a serious imposition upon the rule of law and the freedom of expression are being allowed.  Mr. Seada requests the immediate investigation of the incidents and the identification of the perpetrators and their immediate hand over to justice.  He also requests that the results of such investigations and trials be made accessible to the public.


Moreover, Mr. Seada warns that by not responding strongly and promptly to such incidents, Egyptian society is being exposed to the manipulations of social schisms between religious and non-religious sects and thereby threatening the very existence of civil thinkers and writers. Mr. Seada warns of a regression to the experiences of the 1990s during which differences in opinions led to acts of assassination.  By calling on an immediate response to these assaults, EOHR calls upon the Egyptian authorities to protect the rights of personal liberty and security as well as the fundamental freedoms of expression and opinion as enshrined in the Constitutional Declaration and the various international covenants on human rights.


Furthermore, it is requested of President Mohamed Morsi that necessary measures are put in place for the protection of civil writers, thinkers, and human rights activists whose opinions differ from that of the mainstream religious outlook.  In doing so, the President will not only be protecting the enshrined rights of Egyptians, but preventing Egyptian society from relapsing into a dark era of intolerance that has no regard for freedoms or rights.


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