EOHR Denounces Attacks against Protestors in Front of Al Etihadia Palace and Calls for Investigation and Public Protection

August 9th, 2012 by Editor

   The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights strongly condemns the recent attacks against protestors in front of Al Etihadia Palace, and demands a speedy investigation of the incident and prosecution of the perpetrators.  EOHR has followed closely the events that unfolded before Al Etihadia Palace late Wednesday evening on the 8th of August, 2012 in Masr el Gededa.  A call was made to EOHR by a protestor on the scene who stated that right after Maghrib prayer on Wednesday night a number of private buses stopped near the protestors’ candle vigil carrying tens of anonymous citizens who then began to assembly in response to the vigil.  The vigil itself was organized and attended by the “Ya Habibti Ya Masrna” Movement in mourning of the lives lost in Rafah at the hands of recent terrorist attacks.   Protestors at the vigil say that they were surprised by the assailants who physically attacked them, tore down tents, and tried to run them out.   The attackers were estimated at about 30 individuals, a number of whom were restrained within the confines of the Omar Ibn Abd El Aziz Mosque.  Six individuals were seriously injured, five of whom were transferred to the Kasr El Eini Hospital, and one individual who was transferred to the Heliopolis Hospital after having been stabbed in the chest.  Some protestors are reported to have remained missing after the incident.

            Security forces did intervene to end the clashes and several individuals from both sides were taken to the Masr el Gededa Police Station, and then transferred to the Prosecutor General’s Office for further investigations.

            EOHR expresses stern condemnation of these occurrences as they blatantly violate and threaten the public’s right to the freedom of peaceful assembly as it is in enshrined in the Constitutional Declaration and the various international conventions to which Egypt has consented.  EOHR thereby requests that the Ministry of the Interior take on the full responsibility of protecting its citizens and, especially, those citizens who are practicing their right to peacefully assembly.  EOHR also urges the Prosecutor General to immediately investigate these events and prosecute those who are found responsible.      

                        Mr. Hafez Abo Seada, President of EOHR, also reiterates that the attacks against participants in peaceful demonstrations is an outright violation of the people’s right to freely express themselves and assemble peacefully.  Mr. Seada reaffirms that such actions, especially in the post-revolution environment that was born out of the peaceful demonstrations of Tahrir square, no longer have a place in Egyptian society, but are relics of a fallen regime.  Furthermore, Mr. Seada  requests that President Mohamad Morsi and his government respect the rights of the individual and protect the nation’s citizens regardless of their ideology or creed, and protect the freedoms of assembly and expression.


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