ANHRI and EOHR held the Media Training Workshop, titled “Professionalism in Media Coverage of the Transitional Period on August 9, 2012

August 12th, 2012 by Editor

Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights have completed the second round of workshops on professional media ethics.  Last Thursday, on the 9th of August, The second training workshop oriented towards media ethics in “Covering the New Egyptian Republic,” was held as a continuation of a previous workshop that took place at ANHRI’s headquarters on the 27th of June, 2012.  The topic of that workshop centered on media ethics in the press during the coverage of elections.

            The three hour workshop was attended by 12 different journalism professionals from national, partisan, and independent news sources, and a number of vital journalism related topics were discussed.  Amongst the topics discussed were the criteria for choosing valid sources of information and professional methods of investigative reporting.  In this regard, renowned journalist and writer Mr. Yasser Al Zayat explained to the attendees that a journalist’s standards for selecting his or her sources are what distinguished him or her as a professional journalist.

            The workshop was implemented as part of the activities associated with the Media Monitoring Project that was jointly coordinated by EOHR and ANHRI, out of an interest in fulfilling civil society’s role in media development.  The Project also issued a report releasing its findings as regards the media.  The report noted several shortcomings amongst the methods of several television programs and news websites.

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