The continuation of the censorship policy & confiscation of the press

August 22nd, 2012 by Editor

EOHR condemns the confiscation of Al Shaab newspaper by authorities


EOHR fully condemns the confiscation of the Wednesday edition 22 august 2012 of weekly newspaper Al Shaab. The confiscation is according to some instruction by authorities inside of “Al Ahram” print houses. This came as a response to an article written by the newspaper editor-in-chief, Magdy Hussein, in which the latter criticized the head of the Egyptian Intelligence Office.


EOHR followed up what has been imposed on Al Shaab newspaper, which is affiliated with Egypt’s Islamist labor Party, concerning the confiscation of the 6th issue of the 3rd edition which was supposed to be printed out on Wednesday. That happened as a response to the editor-in-chief’s article entitled”we ask the head of the Intelligence Office to reconsider the former policies of the office, which have contributed to corruption of the political life”.

The article also included a call to the Intelligence Office to change its policies, reevaluate its role and stop its interference in the political parties and press.

It also called for stopping interference in the internal politics to promote the military rule and spread its ideas by supporting political parties and individuals affiliated with the military.

The newspaper sent the edition to “Al Ahram” print houses last Monday with a confirmation that the edition had already been printed, but the editorial desk officers was surprised that the newspaper edition copies have not been distributed. In an attempt to inquire about the prohibition, ”Al Ahram” officials referred this to “technical reasons”. However, Al Shaab Newspaper officials considered the incident unrealistic. They accused Egypt’s Intelligence Office of being behind the confiscation.

In this context, EOHR reassures that the continuation of the practice of confiscation and the terror of the press will be incompatible with the International principles of freedom of expression & speech .However, the constitutional declaration in its 13th article states that”the freedom of various forms of media is guaranteed, the censorship of newspaper is prohibited, warning, suspension or cancelation by administrative way is also prohibited”

The EOHR also requests that the authorities take the appropriate measures in addressing the occurrences & launch immediate investigations aimed at ending such “VIOLATIONS”. These frequent violations refer to an organized policy aimed at limiting   the media & the press as well as great efforts to gain censorship & stop criticizing the state institutions.

On the other side, Hafez Abo seeda, the president, stated that what was imposed on the newspaper is a violation of the freedom of the press & an attempt to gain control over the media in the period of the presidential elections. He went on saying that repeated violations of the freedom of expression have followed the inauguration of the Egyptian president in late June, including prohibition of articles, newspapers, trials of journalists and anchors, attempts to terrorize the press and media which criticize the state institutions

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