EOHR: Legal complaint against Abu- Hamed is a return to “Hesba”

August 27th, 2012 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization of Human Rights expresses its dismay with the vicious campaign against former parliamentarian Mohamed Abu- Hamed. legal complaints were filed against Abu Hamed accusing him of trying to overthrow the regime and violating legitimacy. The General persecutor Abdalmagid Mahmoud decided to refer the submitted complaint to the High Court of National Security on Sunday 26th of August 2012. The complainant Mahmoud Abd-El Rahman- a political activist- has accused Abu-Hamed of calling for the overthrow of the regime and violating legitimacy. The court began preliminary hearings on Monday 27th of August, 2012. Abu- Hamed had previously called for demonstrations on August 24th, 2012 against the political monopoly of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr. Hafez Abo Saeda, president of EOHR, said that the charge of “overthrowing the regime” is the same charge used by the former political regime to oppress opponents, namely the Muslim Brotherhood itself.  He added that such a charge is an unfortunate drawback and a return to the “Hesba” system that was mandated for being considered unlawful and a violation to the right to litigation. It serves to terrorize people from exercising their basic rights including their right to peaceful demonstrations.

In this regard, the Egyptian organization for human rights announces its opposition to the targeting of intellectuals, writers and public figures who hold different opinions about the civil state as opposed to the opinions of the Muslim Brotherhood. Such targeting is a vital threat to the foundations of the state of law and institutions. The organization pleads for president Morsy to grant full protection to the opponents and to respect their right to peaceful protest; a right granted in the constitutional declaration and enshrined in numerous human rights conventions, since these rights and freedoms are the very core of the new revolutionized Egypt.

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