EOHR condemns the assault on two Egyptian Doctors in Kuwait and demands immediate action from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

September 2nd, 2012 by Editor

EOHR condemns the beating assault of two Egyptian Doctors in El-Gahraa Hospital in Kuwait that caused them miscellaneous injuries, this came as an outrageous encroachment of the right of bodily integrity stated in Human Rights’ Conventions.

The assault happened when a person approached one of the two doctors standing after his on-call shift with his colleague and asked the doctor to come and examine his sick father in the Intensive Care, the doctor told him that he will be after him in a minute but that citizen insulted the doctors and ordered them to come immediately to examine his father; the doctor told him that he would come to examine his father though his on-call shift ended because this is a matter of humanity so he must ask for it in a more proper way without insulting him. The Kuwaiti citizen pulled the doctor and hit him in a way that made the other doctor try to defend his fellow doctor who didn’t stop the assault as he surprised him with a punch in his face which broke his glasses and injured his nose severely, at the same time the citizen’s brother came out of  his father’s room and attacked the doctors with his shoes.

The two Egyptian doctors, Dr. Khairat Ahmed an Orthopedic in El-Gahraa Hospital and Dr. Mohamed Tawakol an Internal Medicine Specialist at the same hospital, reported the assault to the police in which they accused the Kuwiti citizen A.A.KH,G who is born in 1985 of attacking them, and they presented medical reports of their injuries; as a result the Kuwiti citizen was held in custody until proper  procedures are taken against them.

In this respect, EOHR asserts that the Egyptian Government’s role is still passive towards the estranged Egyptians’ complaints; as its role is often confined to the management of operations within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egyptian embassies and Consulates to pass on the complaints to formal bodies in other states without any comment or procedure or proper investigation and without following up the matter in a serious and quick way and without any act of solving for the Egyptian workers’ problems. Thus, EOHR deplores the absence of the Government’s role in protecting the rights of the estranged Egyptians, and demands that the government should act to solve their problems as protecting Egyptian workers and migrants  is the genuine role of the government. It should also consider that the encroachment of the dignity of Egyptians is the same as trespassing on the state’s dignity, and so the government should provide them with all necessary and possible means to aid and help them as Egyptian citizens enjoying the rights of Citizenship.

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