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September 3rd, 2012 by Editor

EOHR demands the release of Mohanad Samir

EOHR expresses its extreme worry over the entry of Mohanad Samir Meselhy in an open hunger strike more than five days ago in Tura Prison where he is held in custody over the case of the “Council of Ministers Incidents”, this strike happened due to his exposure to prison security’s abuse. EOHR demands his immediate release.

El-Watan Newspaper has exposed to us yesterday, Sunday September 2nd, a press investigation on the newspaper’s electronic website with Mrs. Heba Abd El-Kader the twenty years old Mohanad’s mother, the detainee for more than nine months over the custody of the Case no.8629 for the year 2011 El-Sayda Zeinab felonies which is preserved with the no.3528 for the year 2011 Southern Egypt, this case is known within the media by “Council of Ministers Incidents”. Mrs. Abd El-Kader stated in the investigation that during her visit to Mohanad she was surprised by his weak status and fatigue which made her inquire about the reason behind his health deterioration, Mohanad told her that he went in a hunger strike for more than five days because of the abuse he has experienced during his detention along with his imprisonment in a solitary confinement due to “security concerns”.

In this regard, EOHR demands the prosecutor general and the Ministry of Interior Mohanad’s instantaneous release, and the investigation in the incident of the hunger strike and the means of treatment he was exposed to during his detention.

From his side, Mr. Hafez Abo-Seada, President of EOHR, expressed his deep and extreme worry about Mohanad’s health condition, who is held in custody for months, and demanded the quick interference of the attorney general and to carry on his work and use his legal privileges to assign one of the Public Prosecution officials to investigate the conditions of the prisoners in Tura Prison in application of the provision of Article 42 in the Criminal Procedures Law.

Mr. Abo- Seada also demanded the interference of the Minister of Interior to investigate the reasons of Mohanad’s strike and thoroughly verify the veracity of his complaints, which if true will be considered an outrageous violation of national legislation and international standards of human rights. This will be considered a breach of the principles of detainees and prisoners’ treatment.



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