EOHR and ANHRI conclude the second phase of the “Media Monitoring” Project

September 4th, 2012 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization For  Human Rights and The Arabic Network For Human Rights Information  announce the results of their media monitoring project that lasted for five months, in which they observed the performance of several media outlets which are TV sports ,news and religious channels , News sites and partisan ,national and independent news papers.

And over a five-month period, EOHR and ANHRI released a lot of data to measure the objectivity of these media sources in the election period or at the stage of the beginning of the new Egyptian republic with the election of the first civilian president, also they have established two workshops to train the journalists on professional journalism tools in election coverage and finding news according to international standards.

This statement include the recent findings of the observation on sports channels, such as” Nile Sport”, “Dream 1″ ,” El-Nahar Sport”, “Modern Sport” and” El-Ahly” Channel , on religious channels such as “El-Nas”,” El- Rahma”, “El- Sath”, “CTV” and “Azhary “channel, beside some news websites such as” El- Wattan” , “El- Masry -EL Yom” , “El- Yom-EL-Sabea”, “El-Wafd”, “Ikhwan “Online , “El-Ahram” electronic gate, “El-Akhbar” ,” Masrawy” ,”EL- Badeel” and “El-Shouroq”.

As regards the Newspapers’ electronic websites’ rate of objectivity and the media coverage of news concerning the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, the “Ikhwan” Online was objective in its media coverage in the first half of August at a rate of 91 %, but this percent regressed to 16 % in the second half of the same month. The objectivity rate of the “Badeel” news website was 95 % in the first half of August and its objectivity increased to 100 % during the second half. As for the independent “EL-Yom El- Sabea” news source, it achieved a rate of 93 % in the first half of August while this rate increased during the second half to 97 % . “El-Shouroq” news website’s rate of objectivity in the first half of August was 81 % and increased by 2 % during the second half, while the independent “El-Masry El- Youm” was objective at the rate of 83% and this rate shifted to 89 % during the second half of August. Moreover, the “Watan” news electronic source maintained a relatively low rate of objectivity at 42 % in the first half which changed to 81 % in the second half of the month, whereas “National News” news website attained a rate of 74 % in the first half of the month. The partisan “Wafd News Gate” was objective at the rate of 69 % and reached 100 % in the second half as it was neither positive nor negative towards the news. “ Masrawy” news source achieved a low rate of objectivity at 54 %, but this rate rose to 96%which was marked significant, and “El-Ahram National News Gate” was 90 % objective in the first half of August and witnessed a slight rose by 1 %  in the second half. As regards the interest in covering the news of President Morsi, “El-Youm El- Sabea” came in the first place as the President’s name covered an area of about 682476.71 words, “El-Shouroq” news source followed with an area of roughly 67227.5 words.

The monitoring work of  satellite channels during August  split into two phases; the religious channels were monitored in the first half of the month (1-15 August) and the sports channels were monitored in the second half  (15-30 August). The results came as follows:

First: Religious Channels:

“El-Azhary” Channel led the rank of the channels that was marked by its professionalism as they did not address any political issues throughout the period of the observation and it focused only on the religious affairs, making absolute neutrality and it was most professional from the rest of the channels ,as well as” El-Rahma” channel which was 100% neutral and was professional , on the other hand some channels like” El-Nas” channel was directly biased to President Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood (MB)  as they had the tendency to attack those who criticized President Mohamed Morsi or MB  or The Islamic stream as they tend to exaggerate justifications for  all the decisions made by them. Also the channel was not objective on its coverage of political event so it was 78% objective and had negative impact on the political life by 22% .

And in Christian Religious Channels,  , “CTV ” satellite channel was absolutely neutral toward the Military Council of the Armed Forces and the judicial branch but it  pictured President Morsi in a negative way as they focused on his belongingness to the MB . so this channel was 48% objective and had a 4% positive impact on the political life and a 48% negative impact on it.  As for ” Sath “channel it was found to be 67% objective  against 33% of negative impact. As for the topics ,they focused on the policies and mechanisms of governance and relations between the parties, and also dealt with issues related to judicial and legal reform, demonstrations and riots as well as unforeseen issues before the courts.

As regards the coverage of the news related to political officials per second, most of it addressed President Morsi and the MB with “El-Nas” and “El- Rahma” channel at the highest rate followed by the Christian Channel “CTV” which concentrated on alliances followed by news of  President Morsi and the MB. As for “El-Sath” Channel they gave a priority to the MB followed by The Armed Forces  and President Morsi.

 Second: Sports’ Channels:

Most of the channels were characterized with objectivity. “Nile Sport”, “Nahar Sport”, and “El-Ahly” maintained their objectivity and professionalism as they covered sports’ news without addressing any political issues of any kind, and their quantitative monitoring came100 % objective.

On the other hand, “Dream 1” and “Modern sport” were less objective than the previous ones; “ Dream 1”covered political news without bias as the rate of objectivity came at 86 %, while Modern Sports showed an alignment to President Morsi though the result of the quantitative monitoring was 100 % objective.

Moreover, the monitoring process detected varying and relative percents of women’s related issues with zero-1 percent coverage, and this shows that women’s presence attracted low interest from the side of the sports’ channels. As for the addressed topics in these channels ‘Nile Sport”, “Nahar Sport”, and “El-Ahly” concentrated on sports’ news while the news varied in “Dream 1” and “Modern sport”.

The specified area of discussion in these channels regarding political officials varied as for “Nahar Sport” the concentration was on the ministers and the president, whilst “Dream 1” concentrated on the MB group.

As regards the media coverage, it was noted that it came in the form of reports and news and had reached its highest rate in “Nahar Sport” at 100 % followed by “Modern Sport” at 89 %. Finally, concerning the type of news “El-Ahly” channel addressed sports’ news at a rate of 100 % and the rest of the channels varied in their coverage of news between sports, political and mixed news.


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