EOHR Calls for the Urgent Interference of the Egyptian Government to Release 61 Detained Egyptians in Jeddah

September 6th, 2012 by Editor

EOHR is expressing its deep concern on the arbitrary detention of 61 Egyptian citizens at the deportation prison of Jeddah, since 3 months. Depending on this, EOHR is calling the Egyptian government, represented in the foreign ministry, to interfere in the urgent release of those citizens, and bringing them back to the Egyptian territory.

Initially, EOHR has followed this case when the Egyptian newspaper “El Masry El Youm” raised the case of detaining 61 Egyptian citizens in Jeddah, in preparation for their deportation, due to their violation to the residence procedures. But, according to the information gained by the newspaper through a phone call from the Egyptian detainees (Mahmoud Saad, Mahmoud Mohammed Ramadan, Naser Abd El Fattah Youssef, Mohammed El Kamhawy, Abd El Nasser Mowahed Mohammed, and Mohammed Ismael Mohammed), the 61 detainees weren’t deported to Egypt, knowing that 12 of those detainees were handed over to one of the representatives of the Egyptian consulate, but, unfortunately, they went back to the prison again. The press report, of “El Masry El Youm”, showed the suffering of the 61 Egyptian detainees from ill-treatment, in addition to the deterioration and the poor living conditions inside the detention ward, which includes nearly 700 people from different countries.

In this regard, EOHR is stressing on the responsibility of the Egyptian government, including the foreign ministry, to protect, save, and provide care to the Egyptian citizens inside and outside their territory. Accordingly, EOHR calls upon the urgent interference of the Egyptian government to release those citizens, as well as, opening an immediate investigation on this incident. It is worth mentioning that EOHR has paid the attention for the cases of violation of Egyptian expatriates’ rights, urging successive governments to protect them.

With regard to this situation, Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the chairman of EOHR, has expressed his concern on the repetition of violating Egyptian expatriates’ rights, without an earnest or responsible action from the former or later Egyptian governments. Mr. Abu Seada considers this case as one of the most cases which embodies the great violation of the international standards on human rights, specifically, the rights to freedom and personal safety for every citizen inside and outside his territory, expressed by the 9th article of the International Declaration for Human Rights; stating “no one shall be arrested, arbitrary detained or exiled”.  


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