Imprisonment for six years

September 19th, 2012 by Editor

On Tuesdaym 18th of September the Court of Souhag issued a verdict that dictates the imprisonment of Beshoy Camil Kamel (aka Beshoy Al-Behery). The verdict came into being as a result of him insulting the Islamic religion and President Mohamed Morsi. The court ruled for the imprisonment of Beshoy for three years for scorning Islam and two years for reviling the President and one year for reviling the DA.

In this context, the EOHR revives its reoccurring demands of ending prison punishments for law suits related to publications and replacing it with financial penalties. EOHR emphasizes the legitimacy of freedom of expression that is protected by the international agreements.

EOHR also stresses that the charge of reviling the presidents was used by the ex-regime to suppress opposition and hence calls for the current regime to respect the basic human rights and freedoms of expression in order to create a proper democratic society.

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