The Egyptian Constitutional Front

October 3rd, 2012 by Editor

On Wednesday, October 3, 2012, 12 pm, the Egyptian Constitutional Front holds a press conference in Pyramisa Hotel in Giza, to declare its mission, objectives and future plans.

The press conference will be attended by legal experts, media specialists, law professors, judges, human rights and political activists, representatives of political parties, minorities and all the political powers and Egyptian groups.  The Egyptian Constitutional Front will be located at the headquarters of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR).

The references of the front:

         The international standards of human rights

         Previous Egyptian constitutions

         Different draft constitutions prepared by civil society organizations and political parties

         Successful regional and international constitutional experiments


         Having the constitution that is based on the principals of citizenship

         Interaction with the National Constitutional Assembly

         Restructuring the Egyptian legislations in accordance with the international standards of human rights

Working mechanisms:

         Coordination with the bodies interested in having the balanced constitution of the Egyptian people

         Issuing press releases commenting on the articles phrased by the national constitutional assembly

         Holding open discussion meetings on the problematic constitutional issues

         Holding legal expert meetings for phrasing the constitutional drafts

         Field communication with the public in order to participate actively in phrasing their own constitution


The founders of the Egyptian Constitutional Front include:

         Dr. Ahmed Al Borai, deputy head of Al Dostor political Party

         Mr. Ahmed Abdel Hafez, vice president of EOHR

         Mr. Ahmed fatihi Mohamed, secretary general assistant of Physiotherapy Syndicate

         Mr. Ahmed Edris, head of labor Political Party

         Dr. Iman Mahran, professor of arts

         Ms. Gehan Khodier, head of Lotus Foundation

         Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of EOHR

         Dr. Amr Hamzawy, professor of political science

         Mr. Saad Hagras, editor in chief of Al Alam Al Youm Newspaper

         Mr. Esam Al Islamboli, legal expert

         Mr. Esam Sheha, board member of Al Wafd Political Party

         Dr. Mostafa Al Nasharty, vice dean of the Administration Faculty, Misr University for Science and Technology

         Mr. Hussein Abdel Raziq, former head of Al Tagamoa Political Party

         Dr. Safwat Al Alim, professor of media

         Dr. Hamdi Abdel Azim, professor of economics

         Dr. Abdel Fattah Al Gibaly, economical expert

         Ms. Nehad Abou Al Komsan, head of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights

         Ms. Farida Al Nakkash, editor in chief of Al Ahaly Newspaper

         Mr. Farid Zahran, the head of Al Mahrosa Foundation

         Mr. Gamal Fahmy, board member of the journalist Syndicate

         Mr. Hafez Mosa, secretary general of January 25 Center for Human Rights 

         Mr. Aref Al Desoki, deputy head of Al Ghad Political Party

         General / Adel Al Kola, former parliamentary member

         Dr. Abdel Samad Al Sharkawy, head of the Arab Center for Human Resourses Development

         Mr. Abdel Aziz Al Tohamy, founder of Wehda Political Party

         Dr. Abdel Moniem Ebid, professor of medicine

         Mr. Esam Abdel Motaleb, board member of Al Gil Political party

         Mr. Ala abdel Azim, secretary general of the Republican Political party

         Dr. Amr Hashim Rabie, political expert of Ahram Center of Strategic Studies

         Mr. Samir Al Asmy, founder of Shabab Al Bidaia Political Party

         Dr. salah Abdollah, former parliamentary member

         Mr. Dia Rashwan, head of Ahram Center of Strategic Studies

         Dr. Fadia Mogheith, professor of sociology

         Dr. Karima Al Hefnawy, secretary general of the Egyptian Socialist Political Party

         Judge / Mohamed Said Al Gamal

         Mr. Mohamed Essam, secretary general of Al Takafol Political Party

         Mr. Mohamed Ezz El Din, secretary general of the National Consensus Political Party

         Mr. Mahmoud Mortada, head of Alternative Development Center

         Dr. Mahmoud Hafez Heta, Head of the Egyptian Foundation for Civil Development

         Dr. Mahmoud Yaser Ramadan, head of Al Ahrar Political Party

         Dr. Mokhtar Al Sharif, professor of Economics

          Mr. Negad Al Borai, head of the United Group for Legal Advising

         Mr. Mohamed zara, member of the National Council for Human Rights

         Mr. Naser Amin, Head of the Arab Council for Judiciary Independence

         Mr. Ahmed samih, head of Andalus Center for Anti-Violence Studies

          Mr. Bahi Al Din Hassan, head of Cairo Center for Human Rights Studies

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