Dismissal of Abd-El-Rahim from being the editor in chief of Al-Gomhuria newspaper

October 18th, 2012 by Editor

A message sent by Shoura Council to the rest of editors in chief

To accept shaky-pen policy

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses its deep concern on the climate of freedom of Expression, especially freedom of press. Particularly, after dismissing of the editor in chief of Al-Gomhuria newspaper / Gamal Abd-El-Rahim, the newspaper has published news on consigning Marshal / Mohamed Husien Tantawy and Lieutenant – General / Samy Anan the former chief of staff of the Armed Forces to illicit gain authority.

Al-Gomhuria newspaper has published on Wednesday on October 17th news on the front page under title “fortresses of corruption are staggering down …. the decree of banning Marshal / Tantawy and lieutenant- Gerneral / samy Anan from travelling abroad is going to be published within hours” this matter has raised jaundice many of military leaderships; Dr./ Ahmed Fahmy, chairman of Shoura Council and head of Supreme Council of Journalism, has announced a decree of dismissal of Abd-El-Rahim from being the editor in chief of the newspaper and appointment of Mohamed Abd-El-Azim Al-Babily to perform his work.

EOHR affirms that the job of journalism is to perform its message freely and independently however, what is happening nowadays, there is a willfulness on the non-cancelling of penalties abatement of freedom in publication cases in the new constitution. Moreover, the cases that is used by the previous regime are ongoing and it has reached to dismissal of editor in chief of national newspaper after publishing news about some military commanders without making any official investigations against the said, standing on accompanying circumstances of situation, taking any measures which must be abided by the state council to verify the trueness or the non trueness of the news, and assuring the direct responsibility of editor in chief in publishing the news and in following the professionalism on publishing the news or the non usage of the required rules to assure the trueness of the news. This sends a message that 25th January revolution has not reached to the authorities that took the foresaid decree. Furthermore, it is considered as a violation to the judgment of the supreme constitution court in lawsuit no. 59 issued in the beginning of February of the year 1997, of the unconstitutionality of the first paragraph of article no. 195 (penalties) that include the penalty of editor in chief or the editor in-charge of the department that the news was published in.

Mr. Hafez Abou Saeda, head of EOHR, has assured the dismissal of Abd-El-Rahim in this way is considered as a serious violation to human rights. Besides, it is considered as a bold aggression on the freedom of press and explicit threat to all the editors in chief of national newspaper in order to be bound in particular editing line or they will face the destiny of Abd-El-Rahim. Mr. Hafez has condemned this penalty considered as disciplinary one and occurred without having any articles within the Egyptian penal code criminalizing such activities.  


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